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Thank you! Seriously, thank you so much to all my readers and those who have left such kind comments lately. The reason I keep blogging is because of the inspiration and encouragement I'm given through all of you. I know that I don't often reply to the comments that are left here on the blog, but I want you all to know that I read them all, and when a question comes up, it is usually a question I've heard before, so I prefer making a post to answer instead. A lot has come up here in my blog lately; Australia and Spain, and I know many have wondered about it, and for personal reasons, I do choose to keep certain details to myself, however, I do try my hardest to be as open and honest as possible as well. So I had a thought that instead of me going back to old posts to answer comments, that you can all drop a question down here in the comment section. Whether it is about the news about Australia, Noah's dad, our move to Spain or something else entirely, I promise to make a post in a day or two, answering them all in the best way that I can. But until then I hope that everyone has a good night and dream sweetly. I am going to lay down and rest away this headache that has been eating at me.

Goodnight sweet readers and thank you again for all the kind words and support xx



why have you chosen to move to soain to work and not just work in sweden? your very brave
do you want more kids? and why dont you have a new boyfriend yet?
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