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We are back from our mini vaycay. Noah has now officially been to seven countries. That is a lot I reckon for a one year old, and we are not even nearly done traveling the world together. Holland was great, a little mini vacation was very much needed. We drove all the way there, and all the way back, which was long for Noah to sit in the car, but I was very prepared with food, snacks, toys, movies and music and I was pleasantly surprised with how well he did. We arrived pretty late on Wednesday evening, so we only really had time for some wine and cheese in Otto and Joan's new home. Beautiful little house. And then we went straight to bed. It was a miracle that the six of us all fit into their cute little home haha. The next day, we were served a beautiful breakfast, then we all got dressed and then we all had to rush to the car for a one hour drive to Otto's university to watch him graduate and accept his diploma. It was a very small, but personal ceremony and afterwards we were all served snacks and wine before driving back to Den Haag where my brother and Joan is located. There Joan had prepared a wonderful salmon dinner for us all and some great cake for desert. We were all satisfied when we went to bed. The next day, was a fabulous day. We walked around Den Haag and captured the beautiful city. Otto and Joan took us to their favourite lunch place, a fancy fries stand, which was just delicious. We looked a bit in shops, and we stopped at a bar for a couple of cocktails. At home, we drank more, and then we headed off to a Peruvian restaurant, where more alcohol was served. Once we came home again, the drinking didn't stop there. Noah fell asleep around 11 but the rest of us stayed up for a few more glasses. The next day, I woke up with the unusual hangover. But it didn't last long. Saturday morning, we got all our packing done, and shopped for our drive back. I made a packed lunch for everyone, and then we hit the road just before lunch time. The drive home went smoothly and we arrived just before midnight. I was so tired that Noah and I fell asleep straight away. Now we are just going to take it easy for a few days before we have house guests and hectic again.



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