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He's perfect

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Noah Otto Mason. I could just look at him all day, and god knows I do. To me, he's perfect. The shape of his face, his laugh, his eyes. There is nothing in this world I love more than my son, there is nothing I wouldn't do for him. I look at him, and the unconditional love is so clear. I'll never understand the parents who don't feel that way when they look at their little ones. The so called parents who don't put their own children as their first priority. It is so unfair to that some kids have to grow up like that, with nobody loving them like they deserve. I'd kill and die for Noah a thousand times over, and even that hurts me to imagine that I'm the only one in the world who feels that way because Noah deserves the world and more. I am so proud of his development, and so impressed by his understanding of kindness at such a young age. I love his stubbornness and sense of humor and I will never stop reminding him of how proud I am to be his mother.

Look how adorable he is!! His hair is getting so long that his bangs kept getting in his eyes, so this was his hairdo yesterday, haha! My little cutie!!



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