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Halloween party

Happy Halloween readers!! Yesterday I threw Noah his very first Halloween party. All his little one year old friends came and it was all super cute. When it comes to scaring, and spooky stuff, horror movies and all that, I am a freak. I absolutely love it an naturally that makes Halloween one of my favourite holidays. However, I do find it sad that it isn't very big in Sweden so I definitely belong in a country that is big on it. Growing up in an international environment, I was lucky to get to do halloween right. I am actually thinking of making the halloween party an annual thing. But time will tell. I spent all of yesterday organising for the party. I decorated the house with balloons, pumpkins, spiderweb and more, and cooked finger food for all types of people and children. I dressed Noah up as a pumpkin, and I was the devil. The day was a success with good food, and fun games, and I'm happy with the outcome. I can't wait until he's a bit older and can go all out in his costume with me and all his little friends haha.



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