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Are you a single parent? Then read this post!

I was alone with Noah from the very start, and in a place like Sweden, you don't meet many single mothers, especially not any young ones. It is not easy being a new parent, especially when you're on your own. I however turned to social media for help; I started blogging more, my instagram grew and I joined several Facebook groups about breastfeeding, and information about co-sleeping and vaccinations. However, one thing that I failed to find on Facebook, was a group specific for single parents; a group where we could share our concerns and frustrations; our love and our story. There have been so many times where I've felt such an urge to reach out to others, and know that I am not completely alone in the world, and I can hardly be the only one. So I had an idea, to take matters into my own hands, and create a facebook group for single parents. A safe place where parents can talk about their situations with no judgement, where more people are on the same floating boat.

It might not become anything of it, but I would really like to try. I've named the group Twice the Love, and now is the first time I am mentioning it. I'll be posting about it on my own personal facebook page. Please spread the word, and/or comment below for more information and an invite.



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