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I have a question for all the breastfeeding mothers out there; After a certain amount of time, do you ever feel like you're being judged for making the decision to breastfeed your child? I do! Every mother should do what they feel most comfortable with and whatever works the best for both them and the baby. However, I am a huge believer in breastfeeding and I feel strongly that it has been the best for my kid. He is almost a year and a half and I still breastfeed him. I plan to breastfeed until Noah is AT LEAST two years old. When I went to the doctor the other week, I mentioned it as we were discussing prescription drugs, and she actually asked me if I didn't think it was time to stop. I am sure nothing rude was meant by it, but I actually felt insulted by her question. My decision to breastfeed my son extendedly, is an educated decision because I know that it is the best thing for him, but also a personal decision, because it feels easy and comfortable for me. There is nothing more natural or healthier for a child than breastmilk and it is scientifically proven that a baby needs it for at least the first six months of its life (and that is recommended without or very little formula as well), but there are more studies that say that it does that for about five years, breastfeeding does have an impact on the child's immune system, so much in fact that vaccinations may not even be needed after a certain amount of time. Way too often do I see mothers being judged for breastfeeding their toddlers, calling it "inhumane" when the truth is, that up until a child is about five years old, they don't get as much nutrition from anything else. I feel so strongly about wanting to educate parents out there on this subject, because it is talked about way too little. With at least the knowledge, people can decide to do whatever they want without judging us who choose to breastfeed publicly or extendedly.

I believe that formula is a wonderful option for those who have trouble breastfeeding, or don't feel comfortable or whatever the reason it is people decide to rule out breastfeeding completely. However, there is an oil in formula that is used because it is the cheapest kind but is also very carcinogenic that can effect the child in the future. Right now, there are people out there who are trying to recreate the recipe without that specific oil without having it cost a fortune. The formula for a bit bigger children is also one of the main causes for certain food related allergies such as gluten, so to anyone I speak to, I'd actually recommend milk over the "big-kid" formula. But too much of anything is bad for a person as well. As I've said already, women should do what works best for them and what they feel the most comfortable with, but I do also feel that it is necessary to educate because I know that not enough people have all the facts. I don't judge, so please don't judge me for breastfeeding extendedly and publicly for I believe it is whats best for my own child.




Hi, I hope this doesn't come off as judgemental or anything, I'm just genuinely curious, in your previous post, you mentioned drinking alcohol, enough to have a hangover. I guess I'm wondering if it is OK to drink alcohol while breastfeeding your child? Do you have to wait for a specific period of time before nursing?
Hope you're well!
Of course you can ask me that 😊 Great question. Everyone has different opinions on this matter but I'll make a blog post about this in a couple of days 😊
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