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Hello blog,

I've missed you! I was just reading through old posts; it made me laugh to myself. The past two weeks have been absolutly wonderful for Noah and myself. We took a trip to Scotland where we spent time with my best friend. She lives in a cute flat in Edingburgh that we got to crash in and I loved spending time with her. While my BFF was working throughout the week, Noah and I ended up doing the most of the tourist-like activities; we went to the National Museum of Scotland, The Childhood Museum, & The Royal Botanic Garden. We also went hiking one day, all the way up to Arthurs Seat; 251 meters up the mountain. That was not our originial plan to do so of course, because I never thought that my three year old son would make it, but with the energy of eating apples, laughing and playing with the many, many dogs that we met, Noah just wanted to keep going. People stopped us often along the way to tell me how impressed they were with my kid, climbing all that way up with not a single complaint, and I honestly felt like the proudest mother ever. Once we reached the top, we took a breather, but the wind was so cold that we quickly turned to make our way down. It was not until then Noah's complaints about being cold and tired started. We got home to a large bag of kit kats; I'm going to remember that day for a long time. Besides all that, we went to parks, fed the birds, went to see Abominable at the movie theatre (I recommend it. Very entertaining for both child and parent), Noah got a haircut, and I dyed mine. Most importantly, I, for the first time in a while, could actually think straight and gain some perspective. There is about a month left of this year; and in all honesty, it has been a shit year for me. 2020, can't come here soon enough because I now know exactly how I want to spend it, and what I want to do. But more about that later on ;)



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