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What an amazing day it has been! From morning to night. Noah and I got up early today and Noah's dad called first thing. Noah has been wanting to talk to him for so long, so he was so excited to speak to his dada today. He had the phone with him for breakfast and showed off his toys and favourite clothes. My cute little man loves his daddy so. After they hung up, and we finished our breakfast, got dressed and ready for the day, we took the bus downtown and all the way to a place called Busfabriken. There is no exact translation for the word "bus" but it means troublemaker in a cute little kid way. This factory was a massive fun house with a huge ball pool, bouncing houses, monkey bars, climbing frame, trampolines, slides and so much more. Noah was TERRIFIED at first and refused to let go off me but after a while he was having so much fun that he'd forgotten I was even there. We jumped around, laughed and played for hours but suddenly hunger hit us like a wrecking ball around 1, so we went to the fun house restaurant and had lunch. We continued playing for a short while afterwards. When we'd had enough, we went out and to my surprise, the ground was completely white!! I am not a huge fan of snow, or of winter at all for that matter, but now that I have a kid, I find it more exciting. But Noah was so exhausted that he fell asleep straight away and slept for over three hours, which is unusual for him, but the fun house really got it out of him. So once we got home, I had some time for myself, so I just relaxed. When Noah finally woke up, he was so shocked over the snow that I took him for a walk to the grocery store, He was so fascinated by the snow. The evening ended with good food, silly games and dancing around to 90's pop music. After a great dinner, we watched Melodifestivalen (Swedish Eurovision) and Noah pretended his cup was a microphone and sang along and danced around the living room, it was adorable. We then watched Pitch Perfect and Noah fell asleep by the end of it. It is now past midnight and I am exhausted. I am about to go to bed, in a very good mood. Noah and I have had so much today that I am just taking it all in. We've basically laughed so much all day that I won't be surprised if my stomach will be sore tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Love to all!



hej, har precis startat en veckans blogg och var gärna med och delta. vinnaren visas för 100+ läsare, kram 😊

He is so cute! Keep up being a bad as mommy!!
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