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Merry Christmas beautiful readers. We are in Sweden at the moment, and at this very second, I am sitting on my sofa and am having a major food coma. Noah is sound asleep next to me, and my parents and I are watching a classic Swedish movie. We arrived here two nights ago, and are staying for about a week. Yesterday was as lovely as today, besides the fact that I've had a cold from hell for several days now. We took the day to prepare to make everything ready for Christmas. I baked gingerbread cookies and bought the last Christmas presents. In the evening my best friend Rita came over; we caught up on life, had dinner, wrapped gifts and enjoyed each others company just like we always do.

Today; Christmas Eve, we have celebrated with much appreciated traditions. The morning started with a delicious Christmas breakfast before Santa Clause came knocking on our door to give Noah some gifts. Noah gladly accepted the gifts and as usual, he was very interested in the mysterious man with the big beard. Shortly afterwards my amazing grandparents who've I missed so much came over to leave some gifts, drink some coffee and eat Christmas cookies. The rest of the evening we watched the classic Donald Duck, ate a grand holiday meal, and opened the gifts under the tree. Now I am so exhausted, I am actually excited to lay in bed and just go to sleep.

Christmas Day will be a calm day with good food, Christmas music, and classic holiday movies. The rest of our days here, we are just going to spend time with our friends and just enjoy before going back to Spain and reality.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Eve, and that everyone is going to have a beautiful Christmas Day.



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