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Bring on the new week

Life, Noah

Hello readers!

I honestly think this is the happiest I've ever been to end a weekend. Not because anything bad has happened to me exactly, but Noah has had so much bad luck, and he went to bed extremely sad tonight which just totally broke my heart. It all started on Friday, when Noah woke up earlier than usual and was being really cranky. I did think that he felt hot when he first woke up but when I asked my parents, they said that he wasn't so I took a risk and dropped him off at daycare anyway. However the minute I left his school, I felt really bad, like there was something wrong so about an hour later, I called to check on him since he'd been so sad once I'd left him there. They said that he was low on energy and felt hot, so I went straight back to pick him up where I then found out that my poor baby had 40 degrees fever. For the rest of the day, I stayed home with him as he slept, rested and took medicine. He went to bed early that night and woke up fever free on Saturday morning. He was in a great mood and his colour in his face had come back. Around lunch time, goofy momma me and Noah put on some music and started dancing around. My boy was in the best mood until he picked up one of his books of the floor and out of it flew a very angry wasp that stung him right on his middle finger. Noah's mood changed in an instant. His face turned white with shock and then screamed as loud as he could as tears came storming out of his eyes. My heart dropped, I felt so bad for him. I have major wasp and bee phobia so I know how bad it hurts. Literally the only thing that cheered him up after that was going out in the rain, to look at all the busses drive by. Noah's mood brightened later as the afternoon swooped in. Him and I watched a movie, and then played with all his toys, ate fruit and enjoyed it together. However during the day, I started to realise that he had funny spots on him, which I assumed was just a diaper rash, thinking it was a little strange since he's never had one before, so I just put some vaseline on every time I changed his diaper not giving it a second thought. However during the night, I was awoken by Noah's crying. I am still not sure if it was the swelling from the wasp that was hurting the most, or the rash but he was in a lot of pain, so I took of all his clothes, including his diaper and breastfed him to sleep, and let him sleep like that with just a blanket over him, which seemed to calm him down. Today, the swelling had gone down majorly but his not-so-much-a-diaper-rash had spread and was all over his legs, arms, feet, and even his mouth. And they were more like blisters rather than a rash. Does anyone know what it can possibly be? He has been in a good mood for most of the day, but seemed to be really itchy before going to sleep and was just absolutely devastated. A nurse I know who came by before to examine them and she thinks it might be something called "autumn blisters" but she was not sure. And if I understood her correctly, they are not suppose to itch. It just makes me feel so blue to see my baby boy in so much pain. I am praying to all gods tomorrow that he feels better because tomorrow his class are taking class photos. Not to mention, a bird also flew into our home today which scared the two of us half to death but I eventually got it out.

It is probably fair to say, that this weekend has not been perfect, but we are hoping for better luck as the new week welcomes us.



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