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Birthday & Midsommar

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Happy Saturday everyone. I am absolutely exhausted. I've hardly had a drink in two years, and today I am hungover for the second time this week haha. The past few days have been hectic but absolutely wonderful. It all started on Wednesday, the day started off calm but once my friends came over, the party really started. We had endless amount of apple martinis and rose wine. We played some drinking games and when we were all bubbly enough, I left Noah with my parents and let me friends take me out to a bar in Malmö. Carib Kreol, a bar I used to spend a lot of time at back in the day. It was good to be back and was welcomed with a shot by the bartender haha love it. There we all had some drinks, met randoms and danced to the music. It was a great. We ended up having kebabs later on and I got home just after one because I missed my little man haha. But I will go out for an entire night soon, I am promising myself that! The next day I was woken by my son and my parents when they came in singing happy birthday for me... Thats right. I am now 23... I mean 17 *cough*. I opened presents and had cake for breakfast. My sister and her boyfriend, Anthony flew then in from England and we watched my birthday movie (its a tradition to watch "overboard" with Goldie Hawn every year on my birthday) It was a very relaxed day until the sun started to go down and we finished our tacos for dinner when I started playing 90's classics and we just started dancing and going insane. After a few hours of hyperactive behaviour, we watched a horror movie and half way through it, my brother and his girlfriend, Joan flew in from Holland. So we were all reunited. Yesterday, Friday, was midsummer. And for those of you who don't know, midsummer is a very big holiday in Sweden. So we went to some family friends who had a party where we ate good food, played fun games, made flower crowns and had endless amount of snaps. We came home around 3 and Noah and I went to bed straight away and slept till about 10 today. Everyone in his household today has been like zombies. Just exhausted, and the weather has not been great today so besides going out and playing in the rain puddles, Noah and I have just relaxed here at home. Now we are preparing for a BBQ tonight. I am so hungry haha.

Stay safe and enjoy your Saturday everyone.



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