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Being selfish with my baby

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This is to all the parents out there, especially first time parents. Since the day Noah was born, I've connected very quickly with my motherly instincts. It was almost animalistic, knowing that, that tiny little human was going to be mine to protect. I love that Noah has so many people around him to love him and be there for him. That makes me certain that he will always be safe. I show him off proudly to others and talk about him with a smile on my face but I must admit that I am a selfish person when it comes to my son. I don't mind others playing with him, or watching over him, but when it comes to things such as putting him to sleep, bathing him, even feeding him at times I become very selfish. I can actually feel the irritation taking over my body when someone even suggests doing it "for me". One time, a family member even called him "'our baby" and I actually had to walk away because the flames inside of me exploded like never before. I just wanted to yell out "he's MY baby. Mine! Mine and Laityn's. Thats it". It is so weird because I know that these people are trustworthy and they would protect my son with their lives but I just can't stand it. So I actually did some research on the subject because I started to worry that I was being way too overprotective, but it turns out that almost all mothers go through this, and being selfish is what makes us great parents.

I want to let you mothers out there who are experiencing the same emotions that it is absolutely ok to be selfish with your children. Do not worry about hurting other peoples feelings because there is nothing more uncomfortable than doing something that your motherly instincts are against. No one has the right to tell you otherwise, no matter how close they may be to your precious baby. You are the parent, and what you say, goes. Thats it. Others have to respect that and Don't ever apologise for it. So to everyone who knows me and is there for me, I want to say that I am thankful for all the help and support and in return I ask you all to let me be selfish.



look at that little face. so sweet. but i know what u mean. when my boy was a baby i was the same way. and my mother in law who is a lovely person always wanted to come over, she always wanted to feed him change him put him to sleep. it drove me crazy. i told her off and she got mad at me and said that i have to share our baby and just like u i got angry when she said our. then my father in law told me that she was the exact same way with my husband when he was a baby so she should understand. she cooled down later and realised that she was wrong and i was right. it just not ok to try so hard no matter the relationship to the baby. if the mom says no, its no. i agree with u completely
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