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Congratulations to the superior gender for raising our voices and taking one step closer to getting our rights as humans. As it is the international womens day, I felt that this post in appropriate to write today. This day is a day to remember the women we have in our lives that have raised us, helped us and loved us. Without them we wouldn't be anything in this world. Personally, I don't like to use the word "feminist" to describe myself, for the simple reason that I don't understand what it means. I've heard so many definitions of the word itself that sometimes I can relate, and sometimes I roll my eyes at it. I believe in equity, a word I feel like I hear too little, that I believe is being replaced by the word "equality" that a lot of people don't actually know the meaning of. I believe we are all worthy of our human rights, and that there are major differences between men and women, but both equally relevant. We all have different opinions on how the world should be, why we are the way we are, but one thing that never stops to amaze me is the female body, including my own. The fact that I've had a human grow inside of me, from the size of a pineapple seed to the pineapple itself. I went through fatigue, heartburn, hair loss, morning sickness, mood swings, pregnancy brain, and so much more to then be in labour for 11 hours, to push out the most incredible human being that I'd created inside of me. That I then went through clogged milk ducts, not being able to walk, high fevers and dizziness for several weeks, while my body produced food for my son that he lived on alone for six months. The fact that my body still produces milk two years later for his comfort and that I've healed myself since giving birth. There is nothing else in the world like it. In 2018 we have come a long way, so far in fact that many of the "gender stereotypes" are disappearing, but in my opinion, unfortunately it is in a great deal to the length that the stereotypes and traditionalists are no longer ok. That is where I crash with the word "feminism", because on some level it disagrees with what others describe as feminism. So I feel that feminism is killing feminism to the point where my womanhood is no longer ok. That is what this day means to me, to raise my voice and celebrate my part as a woman. To be a traditionalist and love pink, and make up, but to also have the right to vote or play football. To look eye to eye with the women, who are just as much woman as me, no matter their interests, sexuality, or how they were born into this world. We are woman, and we are amazing! We should be taken care of and have our feet kissed once in a while, not because we aren't capable, because we sure as hell are, but because we deserve it!

Lets keep in mind how fortunate we are to live in such a society like ours as we remember those who are equally strong as woman but don't have the same rights. May we all strive for a happier world.




This title was definitely an eye opener !
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