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The other day I realised something, that next year, I'll be turning 25... 25 is just as close to 20 as it is to 30, and suddenly I caught myself wondering where all the time has gone and before I knew it, I was panicking. It feels like it was just last year that I was living in Kenya, acting spontaneous, always up to something, having the time of my life. But no, it has almost been five years, FIVE YEARS, since I moved away from there. In that time I've gained and lost so many jobs I can't even count, met new people and made some great friends, moved to Australia, left Australia, fallen in love, fallen out of love, traveled, worked, laughed, cried, and the most important one, had a baby. But somehow all the memories, they have all blend together in a way, and it makes me realise that I have no control over time, and that everything is happening so quick around me, and that I am ageing. My new building fear now is that I am wasting my life, that I have been wasting it, and I feel so thankful to have already had a kid at such a young age. I know it might sound ridiculous to be freaked out about this already, and more than often do I hear the phrase "you're still young, you have time" and honestly, those words mean nothing to me. I am still young, yes, but it is now that I need to live it, because time ticks and before I know it, I'll be too old, too sick or too sorry to have it in me anymore. I won't be young forever and I am realising that more and more for each day how fast it goes.

Haha I figured that my blog was the best place to spill my feelings. I have some exciting new things happening in my life, and I am really going to take a hold of my life and started living on my terms, one step at a time. I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to a new week., we certainly have.



I thought this would be an optimistic post, they way it started out as, the glass is half-full, 20-30 observation, and then you went all into old, sick, and sorry, haha. I don't think 25 has been considered getting old, since like the Middle Ages, haha. You're just getting started in life actually. This guy can do 25 chin-ups in a row, and there is a lot to learn from having that kind of perspective
I know how you feel, I'm thirty now and I still can't believe that so many times has gone away!
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