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A long weekend

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Good morning sunshines. It is Sunday today and to be honest, I literally don't feel like doing anything today. Friday was the Spanish National Day so daycare was closed, so I took the day off. I would've wanted to be at work though because they had some good food, and festivities to honour the holiday but I loved getting an extra day off to spend with my little man. We did not do much, other than sleep in and cuddle all day, but when the sun kissed us goodnight for the day, I left Noah with a sitter for the first time since my arrival here, so that I could join a new friend and colleague for her birthday celebrations. We went to a place called Occo for some Lebanese meze, exotic drinks and hip music. It was a really cool place and we had a lot of fun, before heading over to some other friends apartment, for more drinks and games. I got home to my sleeping boy at about 2.30, and had a long sleep-in yesterday morning. Besides that, we have actually not done anything productive other than do the laundry and go grocery shopping. It has been a Netflix kind off weekend, and judging by how dark the clouds are looking right now, today won't be any different.

Tomorrow awaits a new week, and I am excited to be going back to work after having three days off. I feel like I'm liking it more and more for each day, and making new friends. Noah however, does not feel the same way about going back to school. When moving here, I knew that it was not going to be easy for Noah; extremely long school days (around 10 hours a day), a completely new language and new faces; the fact that he is acting out is only natural. Now that it is just the two of us again, I have realised how spoiled he's been spending so much time around people that are not his parents before moving here, and he sort of expects to get what he wants when he wants it, that is something that I am working so hard on now, above everything else, and Noah is still one of the happiest little boys in the world, and is doing just fine, but I'd be lying if I said that he's not acting out. He's stopped asking to go home now, finally, it's like he's finally realised and accepted that this is home now; and his teachers tell me that he's doing incredibly well in school; that he plays nicely and he's happy to be there, the pictures they send me on a daily basis, proves them right, but it is a struggle to get him there every morning. He cries and screams, and tries to do just about anything to not have to go to school, and it is heartbreaking to see. He wasn't always happy to go to school in Sweden either, but somedays he really wanted to go, and I wish he had the same attitude about it here. Some days in Sweden, he never wanted to go home, and here he is always so happy when I come to get him. I'm worried, honestly worried, that this won't go away and he'll end up unhappy. He goes to a great school, with fantastic teachers, and there was a lot of great changes in such a short period of time. He's happy for the most part when we're home during the weekends, but sometimes he feels like he's bored and gets upset when I don't spend every second of every day with him, so there has been a lot of bribery lately with sweets and ice cream haha. I am on a mission now though, to find more mumma friends with kids around his age, so that he can make some more friends and play freely, to have fun and maybe not feel so stressed. It would probably be good for the both of us. I try being as patient with him as I possibly can, but as a mother and human, I can lose it with him too, I try working on that though.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can make all of this easier on him?



My younger brother started preschool after changing countries as well and it was also very difficult for him. For the first week, he would literally cry for the entire 4 hours that we was there and it would break all of our hearts to hear his voice be so weak after all that crying. Gradually he started getting more curious about how all the other kids seemed to be having fun and eventually he joined them. Then one day, a few hours before they were supposed to leave for preschool, my mum couldn't find him. She looked all over the house and garden and finally she went to the garage only to find him sitting in his seat in the car, waiting to be taken to preschool. 😃
Beginnings can be difficult, but since the school is great, Noah will definitely adapt in no time!
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