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Yesterday was a great day. I woke up feeling lousy and sick, so I almost decided to just stay in bed all day, but I took enough panadol and nose spray to get a little more life in me and I decided to leave Noah behind with my parents and go for a full on activity day with my siblings, my brother's girlfriend and her sister. We first went for about an hour drive to my farmor and farfar's (my grandparents on my father's side) old house. My beautiful grandparents are no longer with us, and they moved out of that house just a few years ago when they started to get sick. It felt so surreal being there. So many memories, so much love. We even met the couple who owns the house now and what really made me happy was that they took such good care of it. That is all we as a family could have wished for now after their passing. And somehow it felt like they were with us then. Our next stop was at a lake close by that we just stayed at for a couple of minutes before heading off to a massive apple orchard. We had some fika there, and learnt about the different types of apples. It was pretty cool actually. The trip did not stop there. The road trip continued and since the weather was so great, we actually went to a beach and spent a few hours there. As the afternoon hit in, we continued driving to a few towns even further away for some pizza dinner. And then we went to a beautiful place called Ales Stenar which is a big hill with set up rocks. There we watched the sunset which was really incredible but at this point I just missed Noah so much, I couldn't really concentrate or think of anything else. I just wanted to hold my baby boy. From there, we had about a 1.5 hour drive home, and Noah was sound asleep when we arrived. I missed him so much, I literally slept with him on top of me all night. Today, I hardly spent a second away from him. Even during his nap, which doesn't happen often. Now the sun has gone down again and I am laying in bed with my baby boy who's snoring peacefully next to me. I hope he sleeps well tonight because I am afraid that he is getting sick :(. I can't stop looking at this perfect little face. There is just so much love! I think I am going to wait awhile before I leave Noah for that many hours again.

Goodnight all <3



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