Parenting in Spain, Sweden & Australia

8 countries and counting

I am such a proud mother right now. My son, who is 19 months old, has been to 8 different countries, 3 continents. My goal now is for him to reach 10 countries before he's two. Any ideas of where we can go? Two days ago we just got back from a mini vacation to LONDON!! The weekend was very long, but extremely good. Best weekend in a long time. I met good friends, and spent time with my big sister. We ate good food and drank strong drinks. We shopped and shopped and shopped, for Christmas and otherwise. I watched my sister get her ass kicked during a rugby game for the first time which was exciting. We had so much fun, but both Noah and myself got the cold from hell, but we tried to avoid it as well as possible which was doable until we got back home to Sweden. We took one day off of work and school and just relaxed all day. We are both feeling much better, I just have my cough still, and Noah has a runny nose.

I've heard so many people say that children shouldn't travel, but I find that to be absolute bullshit. I believe that it gives them great experiences from a young age, and an open mind about the world. Its also a privilege as a mother to have that chance, to show my son the world, and I won't ever stop.

What are some of your thoughts on travelling with children?



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