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What a fucking weekend! I mean wow, I am all partied out and I have eaten so much that my teeth are about to fall out, and my belly is going to explode. But even if that happens, it has been totally worth it. Friday was my 24th birthday, and it also happened to be Midsummer which is probably the biggest holiday here in Sweden. My son has felt a little ill the past week so I was nervous about how he'd be but he was feeling much better already in the morning. He woke me up in the morning together with my parents and siblings by singing Happy Birthday for me. I opened all my gifts, and ate cake for breakfast... is there any better way to start a birthday? Then I watched my birthday movie (an ongoing tradition that's been in my life for at least 10 years). Our guests started to show up around 12.30, the exact time "gåsaloppet" started. If you haven't ever heard of it, then I recommend you find out what it is, because only then will you be allowed to judge us as insane, haha! My siblings participated in it this year together with their friends, and since you're suppose to dress up according to your team name, they all had masks of politicians on. They didn't win, but they did their best. When that craziness was over, we all had a picnic in the park, and then played a game of "Brännboll", another Swedish midsummer tradition. A game very similar to baseball, or cricket. When we ended up back at our house, half drunk and very happy, we drank even more, played even more ridiculous games, and ate food once again. We took snaps after snaps, shot after shot, and sang song after song. It was crazy fun as usual. We were about 30 people at our house, so we managed to empty a whole lot of bottles. I did not end up going to bed until 2am that night, and got woken up my lil man around 8am. I was tired all day, and ended up taking several unsuccessful naps throughout the day. We ended up having guests again towards the afternoon that came over to watch the Sweden-Germany game. What a game that was indeed. We all went insane, shouting, jumping, and got disappointed with how it ended. After Noah went to bed, we ended up playing a HILARIOUS game of Cards Against Humanity, which took a while, so I had another late night. I was so tired when I woke up today, that I ended up taking a two hour nap with Noah, before heading to my grandparents, where we were fed once again, and swam in their pool. Their house is my happy place, and I can spend days there if I had the choice. Noah loves it to, and it is so amazing watching him enjoy himself. We are home now, and surprise, surprise, we're about to eat some more because the weekend is still not over. haha. I am back at work tomorrow, but just for another week, before I am officially taking a summer holiday. Oh Happy Day!

By the way, I received a lot of respons from my last post, so I am going to make a follow up post explaining myself a little clearer soon, so stay tuned! Have a good Sunday <3



I wish you a great birthday! You know, I love the fact that in summer you have midsommar day. Here in Italy doesn't exist! Your little boy is so sweet!
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