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- I originally wrote this post on the second of January but because of technical problems, it all disappeared -

Happy new year!!🎆🎊🎈 it’s 2020!!! Finally!

Day 13 of a new 365 paged book. Do you know how you’re going to write it? I for one am so excited for a new year. 2019 was shit with some exceptions, but this year is going to be my time to shine. New Years was amazing. I usually try to keep that day low-key due to it being my unlucky day, but this time I went all out and broke the spell.

The day started with mimosas and a make up session at my friends house, before we took the bus to our other friend who hosted a party with champagne testing, a three course meal (some of the best homemade food I've ever tasted), games and of course, fireworks. Around 1am, I left to go see my best friend and her family, where we sat on her parents sofa and sang in the new year. I wasn't home until 5.30am. The only thing missing that day was my son who was visiting my cousins. He came back on the first.

2020: I have so much faith in you. It's been a bit of an emotional start; I'm looking for work, planning our move, writing my university application... and to make it all more tearful, I've already been to a funeral. Like I said- emotional... but honestly, it is all good because the only way from here is up. I have a vision, or at least a plan of how I want to spend this year. We are in Sweden for the time being, mostly to get things done like make my wallet a little thicker. We are then staying until after Noah's birthday so that he can celebrate it with his near and dear before once again, going through yet another big change. Once we've moved (I'll tell you all about it with time), I'll hope to get Noah into a good school so that I can work for a few more months yet again to save more money because after the summer I am planning to start studying!!! Studying- a word that has always confused me, but this time around, gets me excited. One thing I am not good at is planning; but one of my new year resolutions is to get better at it so right now, I am working on a vision board.... is it normal to make plans to make yourself feel like you again?

What are your plans for this year?



That's great Tinii! I for one am hoping for a return to normal, good health, and a thicker wallet would be nice too.
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