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17 months

Life, Noah

I honestly can't believe how fast time flies. Before motherhood, I already thought it all went by quickly, but since my son was born, it's literally almost like I can't keep up. My beautiful, handsome, funny, lively, silly boy is now 17 whole months! 17!?!?!?! He was only born yesterday, wasn't he?!?!?! I can't believe it, honestly! Well so much has happened since he was born, he has developed really fast, and a lot, and now he's not so much a baby anymore, but more of a boy. A happy, very guy like, boy. Noah is one of a kind, very sweet and loving. He laughs most of the times, but is stubborn and shows his down sides when he doesn't get what he wants. He loves cars, and whenever a car drives by he makes a "brooooom" sound and says "woooooow" to bigger vehicles such as busses or trucks, it is so cute. However, sitting in his carseat, is not fun. He HATES being tied down, where he can't move how we wants, so the car seat and his stroller are big No No's for him. Because of that I hardly use the stroller anymore unless we are out for a whole day, so that he can take his daily nap in there. Noah now naps one time a day for about two hours, before it was twice a day but that has recently changed. Noah falls asleep between 8 and 9 pm for the night, he has his own bed where I tuck him in, but it is right next to mine, so he crawls up to my bed later at night and he always wakes up next to me. He always wakes me up by either sitting on my head or bites my nose, and then he laughs when I open my eyes, but it is super cute, and we spend our mornings either playing in the bedroom, or if I am really tired, I put a movie on for him to watch on my computer. He loves the nursery rhymes video's on youtube, there is a lot of colour, sounds, and music, and Noah loves it. I can highly recommend it for other parents to show their children. Food goes down easy for Noah, he is hardly picky at all, and he eats very well. He eats what he wants, and makes clear signs when he is full. Fruits like watermelon and passionfruit are his favourite though. He is still breastfed before his naps, or when he's sad, and that is his safe place to. It works well for us, and I don't respond to judgement. Noah is a very quick walker, he almost runs now, and loves chasing people around. He's discovered his own voice recently so he likes making very loud squeaks, however, he is not very fast with his talking. I believe it is because he is bilingual, but he understands mosts of what I tell him, and he says things such as, Yeah, mamma, come, there and he also makes animal sounds such as woof, mjauw or muuu. Noah loves music, and as fast as I put some on, no matter if it is rock, pop, hip hop, country or disney songs, Noah dances and tries to sing a long. He knows the dance to Itsy Bitsy Spider, Head Shoulder's Knees and Toes, and many more, and tries singing along to.

I can go on and on when it comes to Noah, he is just an extraordinary child with a large smile and a pure heart. He is just the best, and I love watching him grow every single day.



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