Feeling pretty this Saturday evening... Pyjamas and a bow in the hair.

I have been studying all day since I have an exam tomorrow. It is an exam from first year, that I never did. So I have tried to learn a completely new course in a week... Harder than I expected. So I keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best! Would be nice to pass it before I graduate next year, hehe.

Over and out!

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On Wednesday​, me, Lisa, Rebecca, My and My (the second My is not on the pictures hehe) met up for some food in town. The hours just flew away. So grateful that we still are friends after all these years. Me, My and Rebecca have been friends since kindergarden, and all of us since 4th grade. A fun fact if someone was interested. 



Long time no see

Sooo... I guess life happened? I know you are not that many that visits this site regularly, but I know some of you do. SO lets do this again! This is a summary of what I have done since last time we spoke.

We finished our third year at uni! Me, Jenny and Elin celebrated a bit after our last exam for the semester.

Our dear friend Calle gratuaded.

So did Kajsa, but from the university. Now she is legeally a nurse!

Elin turned 25!

A few AW:s happened. This time with Julia.

My sister went to prom.

...And graduated the same week! So proud!

Me, Julia, Andreas and David had a wonderful night at David's parents house.

My family, grandmother and I went to Spain.

Hanna FINALLY came back from Australia!

Julius invited lots of people from Lund to Jönköping.

I had dinner with Tove, Hanna and Ida.

I went to Åhus Beachhandball Festival.

Another dinner with Malin and Hanna <3

My uncle celebrated his 50th birthday and I got to meet (almost) all my cousins again (together with their boyfriends and girlfriends).

This is just a few things I have done this summer. Mosly I have worked. A lot. So my lifestyle has not been that exciting. But this is my last week of work, so from now on I believe that I will manage to update this little shittly blog more frequently. Lets keep our fingers crossed!



On Sunday after I slept late, I met Clara for a lunch in town. As always we went to George's, haha... I mean, why break a winning concept? We talked about everything between heaven and earth and just enjoyed eachothers company. It was so nice to see her again after she has been super busy with her floorball (she together with her team won the finals and went back to the highest leauge). So proud of her!

Later that day I just cleaned, chilled and hung out with my family. A very nice weekend.

On Saturday I celebrated my birthday together with my friends. But more about that in a seperate post.



On Friday Linnea turned 22! So she had booked a table at Brasserie Park to celebrate her birthday.

Erica was there...

... as well as Lisa...

... Sophie and Cassandra!

After dinner we went to Pipes of Scotland for a live music quiz! Of course we had to order one 'clover' each.

Everyone were in a great mood!

After the quiz​ (that we did not won...) some random guys decided to buy us shots. I chose to give mine away since I knew I had to get up early for work the next day. So I took some picutres during the toast instead! 

One of the guys also let the birthday kid play at the game machine the entire evening. I don't know if she (him) won any money, but atleast she was excited! Haha! 

Had an amazing night with so nice people and I slept like a baby when I got home ❤



On Saturday we were a bit tired after a really long night on partying (Tour de Småland). But what way is better to cure a hungover than going to brunch? We had booked a table at "Gothenburg Nation" and these super cute hamburges were definitely a favorite!

To awake from the dead, we drank our coffee at the rooftop. A bit cold, but very nice.

On our way home again we stayed for a small photo session in front of some adorable houses. Julius' did not say no to act model for a few minutes.

After we manage to capture som nice picutres we went home and relaxed for a while. But to not fall asleep and miss out the upcoming night, we opened one beer each and read some (different) magazines.

Later we went out for some errands in town, and took a shopping break at pub.

As the typical Swedes we are, we of course had to sit outside, even though it was a bit too cold.

At the evening I made strawberry mojitos for the boys to drink while preparing the dinner.

It took a bit longer than we expected, but the result was very good. For starters we made bruchetta and drank a glas of cava.

Our main dish was entrecote, sweet potatoes and homemade mayonnaise. And red wine to drink.

When we had just began to eat, something CRAZY happened. Julius' PAINTING at the wall all of a sudden FELL DOWN at the table and knocked down the food, and spilled out both of my wine glasses. The glas with cava ran out at my plate and then on my prom dess, and the glas of red wine fell down into the mayonnaise. Even though, I was lucky that the red wine did not destroy my dress, and that is was 'only' white wine.

All my food bathed in cava, but since we only had prepared one portion each, I either had to skip dinner or just chew and swallow. The second alternative was the one I chose. Not that bad after a couple of drinks, actually.

Emil was happy that we did not get any stains (yet...).

Since we were more handsome than usual, we had to eternalize this moment. Although, it looks very much like me and Julius are in love? At least until we saw the pictures of him and Emil...

True love between these two?

Cannot say I was not jelaous, but I was happy anways.

My two favorie men in the world <3

After dinner and before prom, we mainly talked, played drinking games and adjusted Julius' suspenders.

A little bit too late we went to prom where we met up some of Julius' friends and others we had met the day before. I have never seen so many beutiful people at the same place before and it was amazing. Sadly, I was so extremely tired from the night before, so it was hard to keep up the excitement at all times. But it was amazing.

On Sunday night me and Julius' made shrimp sandwiches and ate chips, ice cream and candy. Why was not Emil there, one ask? Well, I was not supposed to be there either, but one hour before my train should leave I realised that my ticket purchase never went through, and when I looked at the website again all the tickets were sold out... I was not even surprised. So typical me.

But because of my mistake I got another cozy night with one of my best friends, and I took the morning train the day after.

Thank you, Julius and Emil, for one of the best weekends in a really long time. I love you guys so much



On Friday it was, after two months of waiting, time for me and Emil to visit Julius in Lund, where he studies.

He met us at the train station at 5 p.m. and immediately we went food (and interior) shopping for the upcoming party. "What party?", you might wonder. TOUR DE SMÅLAND, of course.

Tour de Småland was a night where 14 students from the Swedish landscape "Småland" met to party. All of us where divided into groups or "rooms" and each room should think of and prepare a preparty with a theme one can connect with Småland. And from 6 p.m. and forward everyone went around visiting 6 different preparties with a predetermined theme.

Our theme was that people in Småland are cheap. Therefore we played on the Swedish emigration that happened 100 years ago. So our decoration were potatoes and we lighted candles since we "did not have" any electricity. But more about that later.

A taste of our creative decoration.

Find one wrong.

Room 1

The tours first stop were at Teo's apartment. The theme were "HV71", which is our icehocke team in Jönköping.

They had recreated the "Falcon Sofa" (the best spot at HV71's arena). Emil was satisfied.

Room 5.

The activity were table hockey. One should spin a coin and then the one who spinned it should call out one of the participants name and the chosen one should try to score my smashing the coin on to any of the beer cans. All the others tried to defend their can with two fingers only. Very fun! I was not even close to wictory though.

We were too many for all to play at the same time, so when one half played the second haft hung out at the balcony.

Room 2

At room 2 the theme was a bit unclear. Krisoffer and Viktor created a battle between Denmark and Sweden, but Småland is a part of Sweden, so I guess that worked.. Anyhow the activites were hilarious.

Team Denmark in a round of "ölkubb".

Sadly team Sweden won...


Room 3

... was our room!

Since we were poor we could only afford wearing garbage bags. I am not sure how well the mexican hat fits into the theme though...

At the other rooms they offered alcohol. We served still water and pretzel sticks. It was a really tough time back for the Swedes in the days...

Julius explaining our game.


And me and Emil just looked cute.

Teo was obviously was happy of our choice of activity.

Worriors on the battlefield and the winners celebrating in the left corner.

Hardcore celebrating.

After the game we asked all of the guests to come back up to the apartment... for shots! Our "we only offer water"-stuff was of course only a prank. We served pancakeshots and they were a success as alwas.

Room 4

Room 4 had the theme "Vättern", which is the second biggest lake in Sweden and a part of our landscape. They had went all in regarding the costumes and had dressed up as a ferryboat.

In the background you can glance Gustav prepare a glass of the drinkable "Vättern". They even had fish shaped candy in it. As you can see - Emil loved it.

Room 5

The fifth and the last room had the theme "IKEA". They were dressed in IKEA shopping bags and they handed out a goodie bag with all components needed to create an "Ingvar Sunrise". To that, they handed out a self-made manual. Brilliant!

They continued the evening in the handyman spirit and the game this time was to hammering down a nail. On the second picture you see me right after the winning hit. Woop woop!

After this I stopped taking pictures, but the night did definitely not end. Some of us went to clubs, and others (including me) partied at the student accomodation. LOVED IT! 

I slept for three hours before we had to get up for brunch, but more about that later.



On Thursday me and Julia were invited to Bulliet's event at El Duderino. For those who didn't know (including myself) Bulliet is a whiskey brand.

At our table it was me, Julia and our new friends Janne, Erik and Kjell.

The event were based upon that all three dishes contained their whiskey and to each dish you got a special whiskey drink.

This one was quite something. Not because of the whiskey, but of the american pancake with bacon and syrup on top of it!

However, the hightlight of the evening were the FRIED CINNAMON BUNS! Did not expect them to be so delicious.

GREAT Thursday. The love for Julia never dies, only gets stronger ❤



Today it is Saturday! Unfortunately I cannot enjoy the weekend that much, since I have (as mentioned before) an exam tomorrow. Although, afterwards I have invited some girls over for a COCKTAILPARTY. Super excited (but I feel like a sinner drinking on a Sunday, haha)!

Right now I am studying, but in about an hour I have to go to work. My second cusin Moa, took my morning hours at work, so I could study a few hours before. So kind!

I cannot wait until this exam is over, then we are gonna celebrate big time! Have a nice Saturday in the sun (Sweden is treating us at its best).



Long time no see, amigos!

On Sunday we have an exam, so to wash away my (our) sorrows, Matilda came over for some banana pancakes and snacks. The best part was that she brought a bottle of wine. I have had a white month so it tasted delicious!

We just talked for hours, listened to music and did not study even a bit. Great night, right?

I guess she was quite satisfied as well, casually posing and everyhing.

Now: Bed time. Tomorrow we have to study a lot more than we did today...