Tokyo Ramen

Hello Everyone,

My friend Luna has been accepted to an exchange program for Uni in Japan this Autumn if it is safe to fly and travel there with Corona and all (knock on wood). When I heard she applied I promised them I would invite them to some good ramen here in Sweden. The sad thing about my city Uppsala and theirs Sala is the lack of variation when it comes to eating out. I can't even fit all the burger restaurants that there is in Uppsala even if I use all my fingers and toes but you're lucky if you find anything other than a buffet style or sushi at any Asian restaurant here. Which always puzzled me cause we are a town famous for our universities. Imagine a small little shop with cheap meals like the Pomatoes in Seoul with cheap meals, or even a ramen shop! I can't imagine a GOOD ramen shop wouldn't sell well in a student town!

Anyhow, as it might be obvious with my rant both me and Luna have been missing some other type of Asian food than Sushi and bento boxes and as a celebration for them getting into the program I decided to invite her to one of my favorite spots for ramen in Stockholm, Tokyo Ramen! It's located super central almost by the cinema by Hötorgshallen... Wait no it's technically even located in that building haha.

They have 4 ramens on the menu, a pork (tonkotsu), Chicken(shirotori), beef(shoyu niku), a spicy pork(spicy miso) and a vegeterian(veggie), They also sell some interesting drinks, some ramune and sparkling matcha as well as some small side dishes (gyoza and edamame).

Personally I really liked the atmosphere in the shop, the attention to keep it spotless by the staff, the taste and the portion sizes. Of course it's a bit pricier than a bowl in Tokyo but the price is justified by the taste and the amount you get. It's also possible to pay a bit extra for your fave ingredients! Luna was very happy and satisfied with the food as well! I think they have really been missing a good ramen cause even when they were full half way, they powered through and slurped the last drop of the broth, haha!

I'll definitely be back as it has been less than a week and I'm already craving it!