spending stop🛑💸

Good evening everyone,

How have you all been. I've had a cozy weekend with mum. We made some meatballs and tiramisu. I'm having a no spending week until Tuesday because I accidentally overspent a bit last week buying birthday gifts for my mum and friend.

I have a very simple but, yet strict method:


- fixed costs

- food budget

- savings

and what's left is your fun money for the month( I usually divide it by 4 and get a weekly budget).

I just have two more days to go before my mini spending stop ends and I can treat myself to some treats again. My thought process is usually that if you really want to buy it but if you can't afford it now just wait till next week or payday cause if you can't wait that short time it might just be an impulse buy~




Väldigt bra tänkande!