Good morning my friends,

I have to give all my Uppsala citizens a little heads up on a REALLY good brunch spot for the weekend~ To be completely honest I don't know exactly how good of a tip it is considering I feel late to the party when it comes to these pancakes. Either way, some other slowpoke might feel as blessed as me after reading this but the brunch menu at Klang Market place in Uppsala is delicious, filling, pretty, and not that expensive for a good Swedish brunch and what you get! If I have any say I'd suggest the pancakes with the desired topping for anyone but, BUT you HAVE to try their mascarpone cheese as a side for them! HAVE TO!

The brunch is from 11:00 am-4:00 pm but I would still recommend booking a table just for comfort sake and make sure you get one! If you go and try these heavenly pancakes or something else make sure to tell me what you thought about them!