Good Evening pals~

I'm winding down to go to bed for a MORING shift tomorrow and thought I'd share my latest wind-down show with you all~

Strangely enough, it's not a calm, happy, and easy-to-watch show. But a quite dark and psychological piece for a nightcap. I'ts REALLY good though!

20 mins a good amount for I want to finish my tea but can't get caught to the TV too long!

I'm talking about the the crime, mystery, thriller 2004 anime adaptation of the manga MONSTER!

It follows the hardships of a good the good hearted neuro surgeon Dr. Tenma who lives in Germany and has to fight head on with the injustices of his work place, ethical dilemmas and stranges murder cases that somehow lead back to him... I really don't want to spoil anymore so I'll just add a trailer here if I find one!(sorry there aren’t any with subtiles). You can find it subbed or dubbed on YouTube!

If you give it a try tell me what you think! It's a perfect 20 minute watch before going to bed if you can fight the urge of ''just one more episode!''.