Make up gift from sis 💄💋

Good evening everyone~
I’ve completely lost track of this whole challenge thing! I thought I had been good up until like mid January when it all went to shambles~

I’ve changed my area at work this month from the cashiers to taking care of the bread area of the supermarket. It’s a bit more stressful than the cashier cause the cashier was easier to grasp while the bread area is more time sensitive and a bigger area that you have to take care of by yourself, wish me luck!

Add to the fact that these bread shifts are a lot earlier I start at 6 A.M almost all of my shifts there now, fist I thought I’d just fill in but they went a ahead and made me the head of that area now haha! On my days off I’ve been going away to my sister’s place to help her take care of my gorgeous and super cute newborn niece. We were a bit late but exchanged Christmas gifts. I got to products from the beauty boxes she usually gets and snagged a total of 5 things, one of them being the Griselda mattemoiselle by age tu beauty and a beautiful eye palette I’m eagerd to dip into it. I’ll make a post of a look I’ll whip up once I find the time.

See ya later~ ❤️