Hello there!

I slept over at one of my best friend's place during the weekend and decided to make japchae for her for dinner. Japchae is a Korean sweet potato noodle dish. It reminds me of a Swedish pasta salad just a 1000 times better, haha.

It's a really fresh and filling food you can eat during the summer cause it doesn't need to be consumed super hot but still is very well seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil and your own desired amount of gochujang if you are looking for some heat.

Julienne and sauté your veggies of choice. fry a couple of egg omelets but make them round and flat like a crepe cause we will be julienning them later too. cook your sweet potato noodles, drain and cut them to more manageable pieces. If you want fry up some protein anything is fine here really, beef, pork, tofu or chicken. As in a lot of Korean cuisine, mix it all together in a big bowl, season and top with you julienned omelet and sesame seeds!