Gal's night turned granny's night✨

Good morning everyone!

Emma slept over yeterday we were supposed to have a cozy girls night in but we both got quite sleepy quite quick so we went to bed much earlier than we had planned. Our cheese platter had to be left for another day and our dessert got postponed to a deccadent breakfast.

It was sooo nice to wake up early and naturally without an alarm and feel completly well rested~ Gradually seeing it get lighter outside, sooo preeety

Now we've just been chilling in the morning and will soon get ready to go out and have a little IKEA day. We will start with their brunch and then take a look around the store, I want to see some plants and details for my apartment, Emma wants to check out a couch for her place~

We'll see what we find! I have to go get ready now so bye 👋