Friend date pt. 2

I most definitely forgot to update you as promised after my friend date~

Soooo technically we were supposed to take a walk in order to be as corona safe as possible. How ever the minus degrees and the fact that none of us had had breakfast or lunch at 11:30 helped me to persuade them to grab some lunch. So that we wouldn't expose ourselves too much we agreed on picking up our prefered lunches at different spots, get them to go and have them at my place. I had my fave by burger from Dylan's, Adina a Fish burger from MAX and Luna got some sushi from Sushiyama.

We enjoyed our meal and had some good hours of conversation and random video watching at my place until my super old Jenga came out and the competition got very real, haha! It was so fun and we talked about how we needed to have an evening of just board game playing which sounds amazing! After that we went down memory lane with some Ouran HHC and then called it a day.

All in all super fun and cozy and so nice to catch up~