FB profile pics through the years

Haha, Let's travel down memory lane an check out my FB profile pictures over the years!

First of my ''latest'' photo from 2018! Okay I get it, I get it it's time for a change... Hah I've even grown out quite a bit of my afro since. I mean this hair is super relaxed it's almost just wavy~

Ooooohh my cute pixie cut in Korea I loved having short hair and hadn't it been that I'm trying so hard to get a proper lion's mane fluff I would have cut it again!

My first BIG chop, EVER! Also in Korea! The hair dresser I went to there had such a good hand with afro hair. She was based in Itaewon so a lot of people from the American army base were her regulars! This was cure more fluffy and a bit more feminine then the pixie but I preferred the shape of the pixie more!

I had to fly down with a lob to Korea when I was going to study. My hair had been way longer than to my chest but I started losing quite big amounts of it, most likely due to stress from overworking to save up money for my trip~ I really wanted to go with my long hair but the lob was quite good too! I don't think I would have done the big shop if I hadn't flown down with this in between hair cut!


Hair tips had frozen with my breath while I was walking to two of my best friends. This was the first time I went to Thimmy's apartment!

Me and mom being happy about visiting one of her best friend's Angel in Stockholm! I think this was a cheeky we are here text!

Emma took a really cute pic of me at the Hanami festival at Kungsträdgården in Stockholm. Seems like I really liked this pic cause I used it for the duration of 3 hashtag filters.

Me feeling artsy and mysterious in a mirror selfie. I remember I was SO proud of this picture and that the phone didn't show up in the mirror, haha!

Emma and I Looking at the cherry blossoms in Stockholm again

A close up selfie with my poofy hair, I really didn't start using make-up until after high school. I think mascara and maybe some sheer lip product was my thing back then.

Another black and white selfie with a FEDORA! I really had a thing for them around middle school and high school and don't really understand where all the hate they come from? Haha! Felt like Jin or Kame from KAT-TUN every time I used them, so like a boyband member~

You can't tell me this outfit ain't cute!

Or that I don't look cool here!

Me having one of those model for a day experiences that were really popular in the 2010's and me living out my ANTM dreams, haha~

Me throwing back wednesdaying with one of my childhood pics. I'm proably around 5-6 years old, the first time I went to Chile.

the fact that this is my graduation from 6th grade here both impresses me and scares me

Am I 13-14 here standing model for a family friend from Argentina who is a make up artist and wanted some pictures for her portfolio. Once again living out my ANTM dreams!