Curls appreciation ✨

Good evening lovelies,

I thought I’d share a bit of curl appreciation on wash day with you all especially since we have something exciting happening in the hair department next week 👀✨

How have you all been doing? We have some pretty cold minus degrees dropping by in Sweden lately, nothing ground breaking like some news reports and people be trying to make it out to be.

BaAaaaAcK iN thEee DaaAy when I was in school we were out playing for 30 minutes like twice a day unless it dropped below -25 or -30 if I don’t remember incorrectly~ I was definitely out in one of those winter overalls in under -25 degrees playing and eyeing the clock to go in 😂 Remember to dress appropriately to the weather everyone and keep warm and cozy at home.

What do you think I’ll be doing to my hair next week? 👀