Friend date pt. 2

I most definitely forgot to update you as promised after my friend date~

Soooo technically we were supposed to take a walk in order to be as corona safe as possible. How ever the minus degrees and the fact that none of us had had breakfast or lunch at 11:30 helped me to persuade them to grab some lunch. So that we wouldn't expose ourselves too much we agreed on picking up our prefered lunches at different spots, get them to go and have them at my place. I had my fave by burger from Dylan's, Adina a Fish burger from MAX and Luna got some sushi from Sushiyama.

We enjoyed our meal and had some good hours of conversation and random video watching at my place until my super old Jenga came out and the competition got very real, haha! It was so fun and we talked about how we needed to have an evening of just board game playing which sounds amazing! After that we went down memory lane with some Ouran HHC and then called it a day.

All in all super fun and cozy and so nice to catch up~




Hello Everyone!

Have you all caught on to the fact that Nouw will be having a new challenge during September? I've always loved these challenges that they make not for the prices or anything like that, to be completely honest I've never gone into them thinking I'd win, but they still serve as a really good way for me to get back into my creative flow. It's so inspiring to see and find all the new blogs and personalities whenever these challenges come up.

The challenge is to blog for 15 out of the 30 days of September. I will do my best to do it every day but won't beat myself up for it if I fail. I'll be bringing you more of my usual day to day and music endeavors which I feel have always been my style. But if I want to write every day and keep it up I'll have to practice the art of new themes. I really want to dip my toes into more recipes, make-up, and fashion. This month feels like a perfect chance for that, does it not?

If any of my fellow nouwers are reading this, HI! And letäs have fun with this! Leave a comment down below so I and more people can find new interesting people to follow😍

I'll leave the link to the #NouwSeptemberChallenge here down below! Remember that if you want to join, you have to write your first entry, titled the same as this by September 1st at 23:59 CET and sign up on the original post. The rest of the information is in the link below!




Fortunes from Tokyo and Seoul

Hej allihopa!Hoppas ni mår bra och är friska hemma. Jag har haft en väldigt fånig tanke som har flugit runt i huvudet de senaste dagarna. När jag var i Tokyo och Seoul så gick jag till templet i Asakusa och en liten spådoms''maskin'' vid Ikseondong för att dra en omikuji/spådom. Jag visste inte att man drog spådomar i Korea också eller om det bara är nåt de har börjat med på senaste men en vän visade mig en maskin där man la in ett mynt, vred på en spak(lite som en sån där old school tuggummi-maskin) och fick ut en liten plastboll man skulle banka med en hammare för att få ut sin spådom. Det känndes lite mindre legit än den japanska versionen men det var ändå väldigt kul! Hur som helst, Båda dessa jag fick var väldigt bra och positiva! Speciellt den i Tokyo som var den BÄSTA man kan få. Det är inte som att jag är jätte om alls troende på dessa saker, det var mest bara en kul grej att göra men när jag tänker på faktumet att jag har klarat mig så bra från viruset, när jagvar i länderna där viruset fanns och jobbar på en flygplats men ändå klarat mig från viruset så känns det ändp som om de fört lite tur med sig. På samma gång vet jag inte jag ska tyda det det känns ju samtidigt som om de inte alls funkat i en global skala.
Hur känner ni tror ni på spådomar och sånt?

Hello, Y'all!

I hope you are all doing good and are staying healthy at home.

I've had a thought that's been flying around in my head these past days probably a bit fueled by the whole situation with the virus. When I was in Seoul and Tokyo I went to the temple in Asakusa and, a like fortune machine in Ikseondong and drew some fortunes/omikuji. I had no idea fortune drawing was a thing in Korea too, and maybe it's not and has just picked up recently but I've never heard of it before. In Japan, you go to the temples, offer a coin, shake a little tin container with wooden sticks while wishing and pull out a fortune from a drawer with help from the number on your stick. In Korea, the coin is also part of it but you put it in a sort fortune machine that works similar to the chewing gum machines we used when we were younger where you spun a lever to get it out. Here you got a big plastic ball instead of that you had to break open with a big rubber hammer to get your fortune.

The Korean way felt a bit less legit but it was a lot more fun. The thought that has been moving around in my head is the fact that I in both cases drew some really good fortunes! The one in Tokyo was even THE best one you could get! It feels like it is either really working considering I never caught this virus neither on my trip, while going back or while working at the airport even. I'm not gonna say I believe in these sorts of things I actually just did these for fun but it's something that has just stuck with me for a while. At the same time though I don't know if I instead feel like it's the complete opposite on a global scale the whole luck thing isn't going that well is it?

How about you guys? What is your take on fortunes and such?