Hello everyone,

When I was down in Borås to visit Adina we took a day trip to Gothenburg for a change of air and to check out a VERY cool kimono exhibition at the World culture museum! It was very interesting cause it really went from the 1600s up until the contemporary modern kimono's. the exhibition even had Freddie Mercury's personal kimono on display that he used to lounge in his home in the '70s and '80s.

It was very interesting to see the craftsmanship and hard work that go into these pieces cause some of them are true works of art with the pleating, embroidery, and dyeing of the fabrics!

I got so mesmerized by some of them and just want to have one of them at home and just swish around beautifully like Mercury or have one of the OUTER KIMONOS! There are OUTER kimonos to use in colder weather as capes or jackets and they stole my heart!

The exhibition is displayed until December 5th so if you love fashion or Japanese culture I strongly suggest taking a look, the tickets are 150 SEK but if it's your cup of tea it's well worth it!




On the way back from Gothenburg I got the seats to myself, that changes the experience a lot for both privacy and comfort. I also found a charger port between the chairs and over all this travel was a lot more comfortable!