Hello, again my lovelies!

Sorry for once again going MIA for a loooong time. This time I had a position change at work and it took me a couple of months to get everything rolling over there and me to get used to a schedule that JUST starts at 6 a.m! Yeah... Y'all I made a bad mistake accepting that new position at work because this constant morning schedule is taking a toll on me. I don't like to actually complain about work because if it puts a roof over your head and food on the table I'm of the mentality of powering through. However... The feeling of '' I could stay at this job for a while it's FUN!'' has COMPLETLY left the building over here.

These early mornings did make me want to find a more effective morning routine, especially for my hair! I LOVE my curly hair but it is at this awkward length right now when I have to tie it up for both of my jobs. After sleeping on it for a day or two, my curtain-y fringe section, which I refuse to separate from yet will start to act like fly-aways also when I change clothes for work and put on my sweaters all my curly girls know the hair just won't cooperate... refreshing the curls on cold mornings too and freezing when you are waiting for the bus, not a vibe!

So this really motivated me to finally get around to trying out box braids! I got them done at my fave regular spot, My sister's hair, and got them done by their super talented intern Johanna. They were soooo beautiful right when I got them, now the pictures I have and the only ones I unfortunately only took are the ones right before I took them out, they still look cute though ~It's the first time I ever got braids done and it was less ''painful'' then I have heard it basically didn't hurt my hair or scalp at all the only thing that gets a bit sore is your neck for trying to sit still for the whole time. is it worth it? YES! Do you feel like a goddess once they are done? YES and YES! It however isn't as low maintenance as the word goes! At least not for me, I'm still learning at 25...

They are super low maintenance in the morning, you just roll off the bed, pull off the bonnet, and are ready to go. The thing is if you are the curliest in the family nobody really taught you about bonnets, silk pillowcases, and how to wash braids cause they don't know. if you are going to have to have them up too, longer braids like mine are heavy on the head and neck just so you know. Moisturizing the scalp and the braids is crucial to keep them looking fresh too! I feel like I didn't take the best care of them that I could. I had them in for like a month and a half but since my bonnet came late it was hard to properly care for them at night. I really want to get them done in the summer though and I feel like now I am more prepared for them. I might get them a biiiit shorter next time cause even if I felt like a goddess I ended up sitting on them a lot haha.



Curls appreciation ✨

Good evening lovelies,

I thought I’d share a bit of curl appreciation on wash day with you all especially since we have something exciting happening in the hair department next week 👀✨

How have you all been doing? We have some pretty cold minus degrees dropping by in Sweden lately, nothing ground breaking like some news reports and people be trying to make it out to be.

BaAaaaAcK iN thEee DaaAy when I was in school we were out playing for 30 minutes like twice a day unless it dropped below -25 or -30 if I don’t remember incorrectly~ I was definitely out in one of those winter overalls in under -25 degrees playing and eyeing the clock to go in 😂 Remember to dress appropriately to the weather everyone and keep warm and cozy at home.

What do you think I’ll be doing to my hair next week? 👀



New haircare faves🥥

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Hello everyone!

We are having a gorgeous day here today and having all the time in the world has me caring for my hair a lot more than before. I've actually changed up my whole hair care routine and for the first time in... ever, I'm just using ONE brand! I wanted to find something new for my hair cause I was feeling like the products I used before were drying out my hair even right after showering. Since I have curly hair my wash days are usually the days when my hair looks the healthiest and the more I delay the next wash the drier and less bouncy it looks. I had an inexpensive coconut hair serum by a brand called Inecto from a shop called Normal that was doing my hair really good and when I went there to stock up I noticed that they had shampoo, conditioner, and a mask as well. Unfortunately, no styling cream! Please, can we get one of those!

When I saw that they had other products in the same range I decided to try them out too. One they were a lot cheaper than my other products and secondly what did I have to lose, my hair was already acting up in worst case scenario I'd just have to find something else. I was so happy when I tried them used them all and felt that my curls where actually soft after the last rinse. They didn't feel sticky or like they had a film of something that made them smooth. No, rather they felt actually moisturized and healthy even before he styling products. Like I said they didn't have any leave-in on or curl cream but they did have a hair oil so I just decided to add that one in o my cart as well. I have a curl cream from lush that I love(I'll update you guys on that don't worry) that works extremely well with these products.

These products are doing so good to my hair especially during this time when I'm trying to grow out my natural hair and am tackling two different textures on my head! They smell amazing and I'm getting so many compliments from different people about them I just really want my hair to keep on loving these products and not grow like resistant to them cause they are really a bang for the buck!

Do you guys have any fave haircare products be it for curly, straight, long, or short hair?


Hej Allihopa!

Vi har ju haft helt fantastiskt väder här i stan och hela landet i dag, det plus att jag har all tid i världen har gett mig så mycket tid att ta hand om mitt hår på senaste. Jag har faktiskt ändrat hela min hårvårdsrutin och haft samam märke på alla produkter för första gången någonsin! Jag brukar alltid ha en typ av shampoo och balsam, en annan hårinpackning och andra produkter för styling. Det som fick mig att byta ut mina produkter var att det kändes som att mitt hår var torrtt precis efter att jag kommit ut ur duschen. Då har jag ändå väldigt lockigt... nej krulligt hår, och mitt typ av hår ser som bäst ut när jag precis kommit ut ur duschen. DEt är då det är som fräschast, ser glansigt och snyggt lockigt ut. Men på senaste var det platt, torrt och livlöst precis när jag hade torkat...

Jag hade dock ett serum från ett super billigt märke som heter Inecto som jag köpte på Normal av alla ställen, som funkade superbra med mitt hår. Efter löning i mars så skulle jag fylla på med allt till håret och gick först till normal för att köpa mitt serum när jag märkte att de hade mer än bara serumet i samam serie. Så jag la ner alla produkter jag kunde hitta i samma doft och märke, shampoo, balsam och håroljan fick hoppa ner i korgen(kan vi snälla få en styling kräm det är det ENDA jag saknar!) och gick hem för min wash day. Jag tänkte att jag ändå kunde ge dem en chans eftersom de ändå var billiga och serumet hade gjort mig så väl. I värsta fall fick jag ju bara testa på nåt nytt efteråt, min då varande rutin funkade ju ändå inte. Och låt mig söga att de levererade! Att Nåt så billigt ändå gjorde så bra för mitt hår. Efter att jag sköljningen så kändes det starkt och mjukt, lockarna är spänstiga och har så fin form. Det finns faktiskt dagar som jag bara har använt serumet och hår oljan till att styla mitt hår dock föredrar jag hur håret set ut när jag också använt en styling kräm från lush med(men mer om det i ett separat inlägg för den).

Jag verkligen älskar hur dem här produkterna funkar med mitt hår. Speciellt nu när jag håller på och växer ut mitt naturliga hår och att försöka styla och ta hand om hår som har olika texturer i på olika delar är så svårt! Peppar , peppar, ta i trä att mitt hår inte blir för vant och de här produkterna slutar funka så bra som de gör nu för de är så bra för den slant man lägger ut!

Vad har ni för favorit produkter gällande hårvård? Varesig det är lockigt,rakt, kort eller långt~