Showering my plants

Good evening!

I've been away from my home during my two days off, hanging out with my brother and grilling with some family friends today. Since summer seems to finally have decided to come to Sweden my plants got a bit dehydrated while I was out so I decided to give them all a good soak now that I got home. I hope that revitalizes them, but looking at my monstera I feel like I really need to repot a lot of my plants for them to really glow up... but I'm so scared of messing it up tho!



spending stop🛑💸

Good evening everyone,

How have you all been. I've had a cozy weekend with mum. We made some meatballs and tiramisu. I'm having a no spending week until Tuesday because I accidentally overspent a bit last week buying birthday gifts for my mum and friend.

I have a very simple but, yet strict method:


- fixed costs

- food budget

- savings

and what's left is your fun money for the month( I usually divide it by 4 and get a weekly budget).

I just have two more days to go before my mini spending stop ends and I can treat myself to some treats again. My thought process is usually that if you really want to buy it but if you can't afford it now just wait till next week or payday cause if you can't wait that short time it might just be an impulse buy~



Vivienne Westwood Millesgården

För någon vecka sedan åkte jag och mamma till Stockholm över dagen för att kika in Vivienne Westwood utställningen på Millesgården i Lidingö. Westwood är en av mina favorit designers. Jag älskar hur olika hennes kläder kan vara. De är självklart ofta väldigt punk inspirerade med starka färger, bondage detaljer och slitna fållor. Men hon kan också trolla fram underbara klänningar som fomar den kvinnliga kroppen helt fantastiskt.

Min kärlek till Westwood kommer definitivt från en manga som min kusin läste när jag var yngre som heter NANA. I den så bär en av huvudkaraktärerna nästa alltid något Westwood plagg, jag kommer ihåg att vissa plagg och outfits verkligen talade till mig men det jag blev mest dragen till när jag var liten var deras smycken. Så pass att jag första gången jag var i London köpte den ikoniska armour ringen... Tappade jag den efter några månader, Ja. Tänker jag köpa en ny nästa gång jag kan ta mig till London, också ett JA!

Utställningen var väldigt vacker. Har man varit på Millesgården så förstår man kanske att de har begränsat med plats och kanske inte kan ha enorma mängder med kläder att ställa ut( för det är den enda kritiken jag har sett). Jag tyckte ändå de gjorde ett bra jobb med att visa hennes olika stadier och stilar.

Hi everyone,

a couple of weeks ago mom and I made a day trip to Stockholm to check out the Vivienne Westwood exhibition at a museum called Millesgården at Lidingö. Westwood is probably, if not my favorite designer. I love how her different styles can be expressed depending on the clothing piece in question. Her suits can be in really bold colors or patterns with bondage-y details and then her dresses can be super feminine and have a really pretty structure that hugs the female figure divinely.

My love for Westwood definitely comes from a manga my older cousin would read when I was younger called NANA. In it we follow one of our main characters by the name Nana who is part of a punk band, she and the band are often seen using Westwood's clothes and accessories. I remember that a thing that really caught my eye when I glanced at those pages when I was younger was Nana's signature armor ring. I know I bought a replica of it at an anime convention when I was like 14 or something but the real special feeling was buying my own ring during my first grown-up trip to London. My attempt to make it my own signature ring failed when I lost it a couple of months later while taking bridal pictures of one of my best friends, haha! I am dead set on getting a new one next time I get the chance to go to London or maybe they even have it in Japan if I manage to go to my friends wedding this autumn...

I really like the exhibition. I loved how they had pieces that reflected all her different styles. If you've been to this museum before you can understand why they might not be able to fill it to the brim with clothes and accessories. I thought it was cute how they had both good and bad reviews of the show on display. It makes me happy to see them taking both negative and positive feedback. It's a really cozy museum to go to and their garden and sculpture part is gorgeous! I can't wait for more beautiful exhibitions to come so I can be back!