+5stars+ CL

The Queen of KPOP and leader of 2NE1, Lee Chaerin or more well know as CL has released a new Album called Alpha and in that a song called +5 star+ and guys let me tell you that this song is uuuugghhh A BOP! It's so chill but swingy. You get a real feeling of being infatuated and in love from it. Even if I'm not personally in that state of mind I still sing along and jam to it solo in my apartment, it does give me a slight desire to fall in love myself just to really feel like the song makes it sound 💕
Have you heared it yet? Have you listened to CL or 2NE1 before?🖤

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HolikaHolika Hard Cover Perfecting Foundation

Good evening!

When I was in South Korea in February I repurchased one of my favorite foundations from the brand Holika Holika. Usually finding a Korean foundation that suits my skintone tends to be a bit of a search considering they tend to be on the more fairer side. The color 06 Jella which is a collaboration with the South Korean beauty youtber by the same name is even a bit to dark for me at the moment, it’s a good summer/ after vacation color for me and I did buy it with my post summer/ vacation tan in mind but with everyone’s yearly visit of Rona that didn’t really happen, huh~

I have been able to make it work still though, I mix the foundation with my sunscreen and that makes the color blend in with my skintone better. I didn’t want to have it go to waste even if the color was a bit off for me this time and luckily the sunscreen don’t disrupt the formula too much! It does go more like the glowy version than the matte version I got but that’s just better for me cause I wanted the glowy version that was sold out anyway 💕

I will go for a lighter shade in the next foundation I get so I don’t have to think about mixing the color to fit better once I’ve used up this bottle 😂