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Have you all caught on to the fact that Nouw will be having a new challenge during September? I've always loved these challenges that they make not for the prices or anything like that, to be completely honest I've never gone into them thinking I'd win, but they still serve as a really good way for me to get back into my creative flow. It's so inspiring to see and find all the new blogs and personalities whenever these challenges come up.

The challenge is to blog for 15 out of the 30 days of September. I will do my best to do it every day but won't beat myself up for it if I fail. I'll be bringing you more of my usual day to day and music endeavors which I feel have always been my style. But if I want to write every day and keep it up I'll have to practice the art of new themes. I really want to dip my toes into more recipes, make-up, and fashion. This month feels like a perfect chance for that, does it not?

If any of my fellow nouwers are reading this, HI! And letäs have fun with this! Leave a comment down below so I and more people can find new interesting people to follow😍

I'll leave the link to the #NouwSeptemberChallenge here down below! Remember that if you want to join, you have to write your first entry, titled the same as this by September 1st at 23:59 CET and sign up on the original post. The rest of the information is in the link below!




August bops 🎶☀️

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One of my favourite Youtube's Kennie JD has released another EP called Black Neon! I don't know what it is but Kennie's voice is just so soothing to listen to. the music is really pretty. And it's just nice to have in the background while doing other stuff even though I can also listen to it just by itself too. My favourite song this time is...

En av mina favorit Youtubers Kennie JD har släppt en till EP! Asså hon har en så skön röst att lyssna på och musiken är super nice att ha i bakgrunden medan man gör annat. Min favorit låt den här gången är...

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