4 things I am thankful for right now

My apartment

Home sweet home, dear abode. My wonderful retreat, that is so cozy and welcoming even at its shy 27m.2 (~300sqft)

My mum

I am so grateful for my relationship with my mum. I genuinely feel like my mum is one of the best moms I've ever met. Openminded, respectful, loving, funny, caring, she is really one of my best friends and I often think about how she is one of those people I would like to still have in my life even if she wouldn't have been my blood-related family. Can I please have her in some way or form in my next life too!

My friends

Do I have to say anything else? My chosen family. Some of these I haven't seen in soo long and some of my ''I miss this person so much'' levels are spiking! I'm picking at my GTB beauty a little extra with this.

Having a job.

Even if it isn't the most fun or fulfilling job I've had. I'm still grateful that it makes me able to afford to stay at my apartment, afford to pay all my bills without having to change my budget too drastically, and still have some extra cash to just enjoy myself.