Passover Celebration - The Reassurance of God's Presence

Passover is our reassurance from God that he's there to supply us redemption whenever we require Him. Our part is only to invoke Him with pure faith. He will move mountains if want be, for His children's sake. Lets possess a look at the history of Passover, where God showers his miracles to save his kids, and after that take a look at the present celebrations of Passover, and then delve deep in to the true which means of it. Get much more info about


The history of Passover is 3000 years old. The Israelites had been held captive by the Egyptian Pharaoh, Ramses II. The Pharaoh enslaved them. It was Moses, a very simple shepherd who heard God's command of redeeming them from their slavery. God showed him, that he was the one who would lead the Jews to the Promised Land. Moses, interestingly was born of Israelite parents, but was raised up at the Egyptian royal palace by an Egyptian Princess who could not bear a youngster. But, his life took a unique turn, and God spoke to him about his wonderful responsibility of leading the slaves to a vibrant future, where they wouldn't have to be slaves of men, but could be followers of your true God. Though, Moses was wealthy(being a prince ahead of), however he became poor. He forsook all his riches for the Israelites and plead the Pharaoh to free them.

The proud Pharaoh wouldn't agree to free them and God had to intervene. He send ten plagues in Egypt as a punishment that devastated the land absolutely. The plagues had been as follows:

1.Blood , instead of water


3.Lice (vermin)


5.Blight (Cattle Illness)





10.Slaying from the Initially Born

It was the Last plague exactly where God warned that he would slain all the very first born children of Egypt. Moses could hear the Lord's voice at each moment. This time God commanded the Israelites as under:

Four days prior to the Exodus(exit from Egypt), the Israelites were commanded by the Lord to set aside a lamb or kid. Throughout the 14th day, they were to sacrifice the lamb and smear its blood to mark their door . Up till midnight on the 15th day, they have been to consume the lamb. Each family (or group of families) gathered together to eat a meal that integrated the meat in the Korban Pesach while the Tenth Plague ravaged Egypt. Whereas, the Israelites had been secure inside their homes, Egyptian mothers cried for their 1st born kids. This plague even killed the Pharaoh's son's. The Pharaoh had no decision but to worry the God of the Israelites, and he let them free, lastly.

Celebrations Right now

Passover is celebrated mainly by the Jews over the world. In Israel, Passover is actually a seven day festival. Muslims also observe a quick commemorating the Egyptian liberation of Israelites, they get in touch with it Ashura. Even the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church observes Passover in line with the Jewish calendar. Not to overlook that these 3 religions possess a popular origin and all of them regard Moses as one in the handful of God-send prophets.

The True Meaning of Passover

Isaiah. 31:5: "As birds hovering, so will the Lord of hosts guard Jerusalem; He will provide it as He protecteth it, He will rescue it as He passeth over"

With time history fades off, Moses no longer exists among us physically. 3000 years later, presently, Passover reassures that God delivers his disciples , protects them , rescues them from all plagues and passes over all dangers of life. Together with the boost in violence, terrorist acts, abductions, rape and fundamental lack of love among human beings, man can only have faith and look up to the Divine Power. Within a dark world like ours, only a divine intervention (much like Moses' time) can pave the approach to enlightenment. On this Passover, whether a Jew or not, lets all commemorate the Lord's power, and recall all those moments, on this Passover, when He saved us from grave dangers.

"Keep on believing, God answers prayer!

Preserve on believing, He's nevertheless up there!"

He has under no circumstances failed in one of His superior promises!