Yesterday, September 16th, Saturday, everything started.

I attended the organization Blueberry's "open-house" which was overloaded with useful information!

The team of Blueberry was great and all the different spokesmen from each college were very kind and welcoming.

Before going there I was really nervous and doubting if this would even work and if I really could be this lucky that I could have the experience of a lifetime to (maybe) attend college in America! But after arriving everything changed, it sounds sappy but it's true. Everything suddenly felt so real and not too far away. Everyone from the staff of Blueberry to all the different college spokesmen (don't know what to call them) was so nice and understanding. From my "nervous" English to my huge book of questions everyone was so nice and glad to answer all of them. (I know it's their job but anyway :P).

If you're thinking about studying abroad I would a 100 % recommend you to attend something like this, it was really eyeopening and genuinely fun and if you're shy or scared to go alone ask a friend! I did it, and it was great. We turned it into a whole day of fun and laughter.

The dream I've had for years now suddenly came closer than ever. From just having light conversations with every spokesman from each college was unbelievable. Like a "true" American, in the flesh hahaha. Also to hear that American "accent" in real life was really cool and made it all somehow feel even closer. To think that the research I've done for years in my bedroom looking and studying different sites on the web to find different ways to make my dream come true finally paid off.

To say it was a good day is an understatement.

It felt like the start of something great, exciting and unreal. I don't want to jinx it but, it feels achievable.

// All my luck to you and your future, thisworldcangive