Let's be real. The only real way you can learn the do's and dont's of makeup is by actually doing them. Making the mistakes and learning from them (without sounding too pretentious and serious about makeup). We've all been there, sitting in front the mirror and preparing for a party, putting on different shades, formulas and brands, feeling like we looked great, and only to look on to the pictures and feel nothing but regret. Here are some of my hard learnt experiences to spare you from the regret and embarrassment.

Do use a moisturizer. Before even thinking about putting makeup, you should always begin with a clean and moisturized face. It's good for you skin, and it will make everything from foundation to highlighter sit better on the skin and cling to it.

Do get to know your face. When you're face is moisterized and ready to take on the evening (and heaps of lipstick and bronzer), you should get to know your face. This sounds unbelievably narcicistic - because it is. It takes a little of bit of time spent in front of mirror in order to know the nooks and crannies of your face. Or, in a professional way of putting it, you're getting to know the contours of your face. This helps in order for you to know where to put your eyeshadow, contour powder, blush and highlighter, so you can enhance your features without looking like a drag queen version of yourself, who was late for the competition and had to do your makeup in a dimly-lit bathroom full of wigs and feather boas. However, if I'm being honest, I don't always mind the dragqueen look and extra-ness (,which all of the pictures of every single night-out I've ever been on also show)

Do invest in a good blending brush for eyeshadow. When you have gotten to know your face, and therefore your eyeshape, you should buy an eyeshadow brush to help you accentuate your features. My all-time favourite blending brushes are MAC 217 and Sephora PRO Airbrush Crease 31. They last a lifetime and blend all types of eyeshadows in seconds, and do most of the work for you - a win-win situation!

Do wear an inner corner highlight. I am most likely the biggest fan of an inner corner highlight on the entire planet. In my opinion it goes with every look. It makes your eyes look bigger and brighter, and it finishes of a look beautifully. Obviously, it doesn't always have to be a colour as stark as MAC Nylon every time - even though it's bloomin' amazing stuff.

And now for the dont's,

Don't overdraw your lips (too much). I'm as big of a fan of big, fat lips as the next girl, but there is a fine line between the Kylie-Jenner-pre-'no I don't have any lip-filler (yet)' look and gorgeous, plump lips. To create the perfect blend of the two, I really enjoy using the L'oreal Lipliners.

Don't forget to prime your eyelids. If you want a FLAW-LESS makeup look, you should always prime your eyelids. Whether you do it with an actual primer, such as the Urban Decay Primer Potion, or with a concealer, it does the same job by preventing your eyeshadow look, which you just spent a solid 15 minutes blending and perfecting, from creasing and/or disappearing throughout the day.

Don't make a line with your highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones. It doesn't look 'on fleek', 'beat' or 'snatched' - it just looks like a sharp line of shimmer. Now, I was a firm believer in the 'line' until I saw a makeup goddess (and I promise, I'm not exaggerating ) walking around a department store with the prettiest and most seamless highlighter I had EVER seen. From that day I began packing on my highlighter in layers with a bigger brush in order to create a more blended, glowy base. Another tip is to not be afraid of popping on a bit of highlighter on the middle of your forehead and a tiny bit on your chin. I know, I know, it's controversial to draw attention to our already shiny t-zones, however Kim Kardashian said it in an Instagram Story once. And if it's good enough for Kim K, it's good enough for me.

Don't ever, as in ever, ever, ever use fake tan on your face. Chances are the product itself isn't even made to go on your face, and you'll end up looking like a patchy carrot. Just tan your neck nicely, and mask the difference between wannabe-beach-babe-golden and ghostly pale (in my case) with a deeper shade of foundation, than you would normally use.

The last set of do's and dont's is to simply do your makeup, so you feel confident (even if this means to never wear primer and always fake tan your face), and dont care about the "these eyeshadows are the bomb for green, hazel and blue eyes"-articles produced in a never-ending stream. Ain't nobody got time for that.

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Don't get me wrong, I love a full on glam, cut-crease, glitter liner look with lashes as big as butterfly wings. However, when it comes down to it, I would much rather spend an extra 30 minutes snoozing than get up and start blending - who's with me? For those days ('those days' being 95% percent of all days), where you still want a nice dash of colour on the lid, I present you your three new best friends.

They are all around the same price point, but the price won't matter after they've won you over - and you can't put a price on true friendship.

The first one is MAC Sable Eyeshadow, which was one of the first eyeshadows I ever bought. Alongside MAC Naked Lunch (the bottom eyeshadow on the second row from the left), which seemed to be all the rage a few years ago, and now seems to be residing in the land of the one hyped, but now forgotten eyeshadows. What a tragic destiny.

'Sable' (top one in the first row from the left) seems to have escaped this destiny, and has now become one of my trustiest staples for a lazy eyeshadow day. The shimmery bronze seems to be flattering on every skin tone, and it blends beautifully - almost creating another lighter bronze colour as the product gets lighter and lighter. Throw on a bit of bronzer on the cheeks, and your 5 minute Golden Goddess look is complete.

The next one sweep wonder is the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Color Fix Cream Eyeshadow in the shade 'Misty Rock'. What a mouthful! This cream eyeshadow (furthest on the right in the picture below) stick really does rock *badum tssssh*. The rich and shimmery taupe/purple shade only requires one layer, and about 2,5 milliseconds of blending and you're DONE. The colour is opaque, but as you blend it, it fades so nicely. Another selling point, is the incredible diversity of the shade.
​Can it be worn at your cousin's christening? Yes. Can it be worn on a nightout and still be over the top and glam? Yes. Can it be worn without looking too much, when all you have to do it water your plants and the only human you interact with is the postman? Yes.
​The colour, although it is lovely, isn't the star of the show - it's the lasting power. Once it on, it literally will last on your lids for about a week (yet I wouldn't recommend it) without smudging or fading even in the slightest.

The last wonder of your Wednesday is one of the colours from the Urban Decay Naked Palette. The shade 'Sidecar' (middle shade) is almost a mixture of the two other colours. In some lights, it is a taupe with purple undertones, and in other lights it is a tad more bronze. Also a shimmer, it carries the light beautifully and it wears the same.

One sweep, blend and you're good to go. Makeup's simplicity (or our laziness) at its finest and done right.



Some say Monday is the day for turning over a new leaf - it's the start of a new day and a new week.

Others think of Monday as a day, where you need an extra cup of coffee in the morning in order to make up for the brutally early start compared to Sunday's long lie-in. Personally, I belong to the latter group of people.
To get through a monday you need something extra, whether that be that extra cup of coffee, an extra long lunch break or extra piece of episode Friends, when you get home from work. So whilst your enjoying your extra minutes break, here is my contribution of 'extra'.

As of lately, I have really been enjoying two new lip products. They have one common denominator - the colour. They are both a beautiful nude, which can be worn at all times and on all occasions.

The first one is the classic Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in the shade 'Adrienne'. It is simply the PERFECT nude! At first glance it looks slightly brown in the bullet, but not to worry. When you pop open the lid, twist up the product and apply it to your lips, you are left with no overly brown undertones, because it does have a hint of pink to it. As you apply it, it goes smoothly over your lips, and in one swift motion you have a satin finish with an opaque colour pay-off that leaves your lips feeling hydrated. At this point all that is left to do, is admire your newly puckered pout, twist down the product and put on the iconic interlocking 'CC' embossed lid back on. It's the stuff dreams are made of gals.

My other (much cheaper!) discovery was made in Gatwick Airport, when I had some pocket money left from my trip, and I was EAGER to spend it. This was when the L'Oreal Matte Lip Paint captured my eye. It really is a bloomin' good matte liquid lipstick. The finish is matte (duh, Astrid), but it goes on smoothly and most importantly - it doesn't dry out your lips, I repeat, it DOES NOT dry out your lips. It wears comfortably, and it is incredibly easy to apply, so thankfully you don't have to be a super glam Instagram makeup artist in order to get a perfect pout. It is amateur and idiot proof, which means it can also be applied with ease in the less glamorous toilets in the back of the club after one too many glasses of wine - WIN! The colour is almost identical to 'Adrienne', but it is slightly less peachy. All in all it is a gorgeous formula.

With these two recommendations, I will leave you to put your feet up and recover from Monday's mondayness!



It's finally Saturday! The best day of the week, as you have just enough time to pamper your sore feet from friday night's dancing, drink a cup of (well deserved) coffee, and repeat the entire thing with your best friends!

So whilst your sore feet are in a bowl of hot water with loads of beautiful smelling soaps and lotions, I am here to give you some tips on which products you should rush out and get before you take on round two.

Most importantly is your base, which should last all night (even when your dancing on tabletops and throughly regretting it the morning after, when you see the snapchats your friends took of you). I have a few favorites - both high-end and drugstore. However, my most loyal companion is Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation. It's cheap, gives a medium coverage, and leaves you with a natural looking dewy base. The only downside when using it is, when flash photography is used i.e every single minute of a night out! However, if you powder it really shouldn't be a problem. I have used it plenty of times on such occasions without looking like a ghost.

My next staple, which also seems to be the favorite of everyone and their mother, is Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. And it's everyone's favourite for a reason! It provides high coverage, a creamy texture and a non-caked finish - what more could you ask for? I use it in the lightest shade, so it also works as a highlighter.

When you have finished your (now) flawless base, you are ready to take on the eyes. I always, always, always use a black eyeliner on the top of my lash line to finish off a nighttime look. Not only because it makes your eyes look bigger, but also because it hides any mistakes you might have made when applying your false lashes (most likely made because you've spent too long pampering your feet and watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, *guilty as charged*). The lashes I always come back to, when wanting to amp up the glamour of a look, are the Ardell Lashes in 'Demi Whispies'. They. Are. Perfect. Long, lightweight, fluttery and slightly over the top!

To finish off your glamours evening look, the Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in 'Creme Cup' is always a winner. It tones down your overall look, and makes it less Jersey Shore and more Adele like (without the beehive or full-length a-line ball gown). A look we all strive to achieve.

When you come home in the early morning hours, you should always take your makeup off, even if it seems like the last thing you want to do! Believe me, the post-nightout-makeup spots you are going to get just aren't worth it. To take off all of your heavy makeup, you need something just as heavy duty. And the Shiseido Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam is your guy. Slightly more expensive, but it is the best thing out there. It takes ev-er-ry-thing off in one go. Quick and easy, and you are able to sleep tight with a clean face and a clear conscience.

Enjoy the dancing, the flutter of your lashes and the shine from your highlight!

  1. Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation
  2. Collection Lasting Perfection concealer
  3. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in 'Creme Cup'
  4. NYX Eyeliner
  5. Shiseido Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam
  6. Ardell Lashes in 'Demi Whispies'



Thursdays are for two things - planning your outfit for friday night, and (most importantly of course) reading Thursday's Thoughts!

Seeing as this is my first 'Thursday's thoughts'-post, I am feeling slightly nervous as of what to write. This type of post was intended to be used as an outlet for discussing the 'life' aspect of my blog, or in other words, as a more professional-looking attempt at a personal diary or muddled up thoughts.

Today's thought is nothing revolutionary or especially philosophical, yet it has still made me think twice. Is that what Thursday's thoughts should be about? Thinking about something twice? But is thinking about something twice philosophical? No, I doubt Nietzche or Kierkegaard would be impressed. ANYWAY, this thursday's thought is;

At which age is it appropriate to wear makeup?

I began wearing mascara, when I was 12, and that was considered to be late compared to the other girls in my school! However, bear in mind that the so-called 'mascara' was my mums battered and bruised, dried up Elizabeth Arden mascara, which, being completely honest and knowing my mum, had most likely been lying around in the bottom of her makeup bag for about three years beforehand. Not the most hygienic, I know, I know. You live and you learn, eh?

On one hand, makeup should be a way of expressing yourself and your creativity, just like one is able to express oneself through clothes or a certain hairstyle. Even is if 'expressing yourself' at this age ends up in a horrid look, where the flakey mascara has been paired with shimmery pink eyeshadow, and a red lipgloss with an orange undertone clearly inspired by watching too many episodes of Hannah Montana and The Cheetah Girls. Needless to say, it wasn't a good look. 

On the other hand makeup does, especially at this age, make you look older. A much desired look by girls under the age of 25, and much more dreaded look by people over 25. Besides from looking a bit older, makeup does have a downside, which a young girl would be more exposed to. The amount of allergies connected to makeup is insane, and by waiting to begin wearing makeup you shorten the period of time in which allergies can be developed. In other more real and honest words, at the age of 12 you don't exactly have bags under eyes of wrinkles to be smoothed out. 

Well girls and boys, your first of thursday's two tasks has been completed. For the second task, I wish you all the best of luck with deciding between mini or maxi, heels or flats.



Dear Reader,

Welcome to my pride and joy, The Vain and The Vanity!

I made this blog, so I would have a place to scribble down my thoughts on lipstick, low-maintenance hairstyles and life. A place dedicated entirely to the art of makeup, where like-minded makeup obsessed people like myself can chat, share and discuss new techniques, tips and tricks. A place where nothing will be seen as too vain, and where the keen everyday lovers of makeup can have a snoop through each other's vanities - beginning with mine. I hope you will join me in snooping.