My last day before I start working. It feels good to start working again, but I can't wait for it to be over. I want it to be September now and move to New Zealand!!
Yesterday I had a lovely day with friends and it was the first time for me in the newly built centrum in Märsta. I got home late and almost went to bed right away.
Today it's raining outside which is perfect weather for a movie day. Eleny is coming over and maybe my dad as well, have to see about that. Now I am gonna make some smoothie bowl for breakfast :-)

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A late good morning from me! I woke up really late and just chilled before lunch. Now I am on my way to meet up with some friends and have a great evening. Hope you're having a great Saturday!



Everyday breakfast, oatmeal with jam, fruits, milk, chocolate... :-)u



Good morning!

Already friday and graduation day for a lot of people. It has already been two years since we graduated "gymnasium" as we call it in Sweden. And the weather is perfect today so lucky them!

Today I don't have thing special planned, have a lot of stuff I have to sort out before I am starting to work, which is this Monday. Tomorrow I am gonna meet some friends for a picnic depending on the weather and have a nice day with some friends. Sunday will be a lazy, chill day with Eleny since we both start to work on Monday. It's going to be so much fun to work with her this summer!

My dinner last night, tomato soup, healthy bread with cottage cheese and some good company.



I remember before my first backpacking trip, how hard it was to know what to pack. I brought so many stuff that was completly unnecessary and just took place in my backpack. But there are some items that I can't live without and so glad that I bought.

1. Sleeping Bag

My sleeping bag has saved me so many nights. It's so common that the hostel don't give you blankets and with air-conditioning it gets really cold at night. Then I can just jump in my sleeping bag and be warm the whole night. I also tend to spend a lot of nights at airports and the sleeping bag helps me sleep through the night at a cold, hard floor. Costs around 20-40 euro but so worth it!

2. Flashlight

I don't need a flashlight, I have my phone. No, no and no. You don't always have battery on your phone and when you have to go out in the jungle, to pee in the middle of the night, you will be so happy that you brought a flashlight. Take a flashlight that you can stick on your forehead, useful when trekking in the dark.

3. My Camera

Of course, you can take some good photos with an Iphone. But it is a big difference between Iphone-photos and an actual camera. I bought a compact camera just before my last trip and that was one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have a Sony a5000x and I love it. Invest in a good camera, you won't regret it!

4. Packing Cubes or Vacuum Bags

To be able to pack in five minutes instead of one hours makes a huge difference while backpacking. You can sleep one hour longer, have better order in the backpack and just have an easier backpacker life. SO worth buying!



Already first of June 2017, soon halfway through this year. It is crazy how the time flies. And I have been home for more then one week. On Monday I am starting working again and I am actually kinda excited. It is gonna be fun to meet all the colleagues and necessary to earn some money. I am working roughly six weeks and then I actually have vacation. People may think that is crazy, I just got back from travelling eight months? But since I am gonna travel for such a long time again, I want to have four weeks that I can spend with friends and family. I am turning twenty, my dad is turning 50 and Bridgette, Lou and Lore is coming over in late July. I need those weeks to just relax and enjoy swedish summer.

After my four weeks holiday, I go back to work for roughly three weeks. Then it's time for goodbye dinners, packing all my shit and then move to New Zealand. I can't wait! Now it's time for me to take care of the dishes and clean up before it is time for dinner!

Two photos from last weekend. It was crazy good weather in Sweden!



When you are in New Zealand, you have a hard time choosing treks, There are so many that are really good and worth hiking. But there is one trek that you can't miss, one of the best in the whole world.

Tongariro Alphine Crossing

This trek is super popular and a one day trek. That means that you don't have to pay to stay in a hut and only have to carry a one-day backpack. This trek is not for beginners, you have to push your self a little bit, but it's not impossible at all. It's a 19,4 km long trek with some uphill, downhill and some flat parts. The first hour is pretty flat, which gives you a good warm-up. Then you climb, what they call "The Devil's staircase". This part is one of the toughest parst, one our of stairs.

I think that you coul easily do this trek without being in the best shape. I saw old people, children and people that struggled, but I think everyone could do it. I think it took us around 5 ½ hours to do the trek. I think you have around ten hours in total to managed to do it before it gets darks, which is a lot of time. We did it in 5-6 hours fitout being fit nd stopping a lot of times to take pictures.

Remember that the weather up there is different from the weather at the starting point. It is super windy so bring warm clothes, gloves and hat. I tought I could handle the cold since I am from Sweden, but it was freezing without gloves and a hat. Bring food and snacks that can give you some energy when you need it. Those chocolate bars were AMAZING up there.

And how about the scenery? Absolutely amazing. Almost breathtaking at some parts. Yes, it is a lot of people in the beginning of the trek, but the longer you go, less people it gets. At the last three hours, we almost didn't see anyone, which was really nice.

If you a vehicle, park it at the end of the trek, pay for the shuttle to take you to the starting point and then walk your way to the car. We were super happy that we could leave directly after the trek, instead of waiting as a lot of people had to do - not fun. Some poeple even missed their bus and have to pay extra for another one.

This trek is located on the north island, in the Tongariro National Park. This trek is a big reason why you should visit the north island, a big highlight!



What should you think about before traveling in New Zealand?
1. Rent a vehicle 

I have been in this amazing country twice, both times with a rental vehicle. I think the most people travel to New Zealand for the nature. And there is so much more to New Zealand if you leave the "typical route" and just take a detour that you didn't plan to take. We saw the most amazing things when we just drove from one place to another. Bus-passes are also super expensive and includes a lot of partying - which means that you will sleep through the days while the bus is going from one place to another.

Chose a campervan that has a fridge and a kitchen which means that you can cook all the food by your self. In that way you save a bunch of money and can also choose to eat healthy.

2. A good company and SELF-CONTAINED

The most important thing: choose a good company. Don't let them fool you with the cheap prices, it will bit you in the ass later. First time we rented a camervan, called "Jucy Condo". It was a perfect vehicle, with a kitchen, fridge, sleeps for four an even had a DVD. It was also self-contained which is super important. Self-contained meens basiclly (I think) that you have a toilet. And just because you have a toilet and can take "care of your self without disturbing the nature", you are allowed to camp for free in so many places, which means you save a lot of money, Even if you pay more money renting the vehicle, you save around 20-40 NZ$ each night.

The next time, we rented vehicles with lucky, a car and a camper. The car was fine but the camper was a disaster. It broke down in the middle of the road, we got bed bugs and it totally ruined our experience. Don't choose lucky if you are looking for campervans. They are old Jucy cars - which mean that they have been put out of traffic for a reason.

3. Have enough time

Time is always a trouble while traveling. But you should not stress through this amazing country. I have met so many people who only stayed in New Zealand for two weeks, and tried to do both island. A huge mistake. The roads in New Zealand are good, but not the best. Even if Google Maps says it takes two hours, it could end up taking five. Since the earthquake in Kaikoura, the roads around that area are still closed. So instead of a two hours drive from Nelson to Kaikoura, it took us eight.

There is so much to see and do so have enough time. Otherwise you have to skip out on so many things and that will suck, hard. The weather in New Zealand is also unpredictable and a lot of tours was cancelled and moved to the next day. Plan some extra days to spend if something comes up.

If you have less than one month, around two weeks, I would say choose one island. I really like both of the island, south and north. The north is smaller, which means it is easier to get around and more people are living there. The south island is more beautiful, but also bigger and more "dead". Sometimes you can drive 200km without meeting one single car. South Island also have my two favorite towns, Wanaka and Queenstown. So if you have around 2-3 weeks only, just stay on the south island.

4. Book a lot of tours and be ADVENTUROUS

Yes, if you are coming from Asia, New Zealand will be expensive. I would say the prices is similar to Europe, but a little bit cheaper (at least for me living in Sweden). Tours in New Zealand are crazy expensive, but so worth it. New Zealand is a country for adrenaline junkies and have everything you could think of. They have on of the highest bungy and canyon swing in the world, amazing skydives and river rafting all over the country. Sometimes it is hard to meet people in New Zealand but on the tours, everyone is super excited and it's really easy to interact with people. Some tours you really should do while you are in New Zealand are:

Skydive - Bungy Jump - Canyon Swing - River Rafting - Zorbing - Horse Riding - Kayaking - Glacier Helicopter - Waitomo Caves Black Abyss - Hobbiton - Swimming with dolphins - Whale Watching - Quad Rides - Luge

5. Use couchsurfing and hitchhike!

If you don't have a drivers license or if you are renting a car like we did on the north island, save money and use couchsurfing! A night at a hostel is around 25-40 euro each night which we didn't want to pay. Couchsurfing is a perfect way to get in touch with the locals and stay for free. You are sleeping at people's couches basiclly, or beds if you are lucky. It is totally free to sign up which is awesome! Read the references before you stay at someone's house and trust your instincts. We had some bad experience but everything worked it self out. But we also met amazing people who welcomed us with open arms.

If you don't have a rented vehicle, try to hitchhike! It is one of the easiest countries to hitchhike in and it is a fun experience. You will not be alone hitchhiking and you save a bunch of money.


If you go to New Zealand, you will probably have the time of your life. Make sure you do a lot of trekking and realy explore the nature New Zealand has to offer. Rain forrest, glaciers, beaches, amazing island and stunning scenery in general. Don't skip going here because you think it is expensive. If you hitchhike and stay at couchsurfers it will be even cheaper than Asia. I hope this guide gave you some tips about this amazing country and that you will enjoy this country to the fullest!



After being home for roughly one week, people are already asking me what my future plans are. Do I have any plans? Am I going to university to study law? Will I travel any more?

I think the people that really knows me, know that I can't stay and just life the traditional swedish life right now. I wanna keep exploring the world and live the backpacker life, that I so much enjoy. And this time, I am gonna get out of my comfort zone even more and actually move from Sweden. In the early September, I am moving for at least one year to my favorite country (so far) in the world, NEW ZEALAND

I have already been to New Zealand two times, one in year 2016 and one this year. Both of the times were such highlights during my trips and I can't wait to go back. Even if I have spent more than two months there, there is so much more to explore. This time, I am going together with a girl namned Bridgette, which I traveled New Zealand together with this year. We are going there on a "Working Holiday Visa", since we need to earn some money while living there and have an opportunity to experience the culture even more.

I am excited to try some new jobs while I am there. Some jobs I really want to try is: working at a sheep farm, a berry farm, a vineyard, a cozy café in the middle of nowhere and work at the roads with some construction work (since it SO good payed). It's gonna be a hell of a ride!

I am gonna let you know more about the life in New Zealand and also write a post for you guys who just wanna travel in New Zealand. After traveled the country two times I have a lot of "Don't and Do's" that really can help you get a better trip.

I really hope all my friends and family is happy for me and feel free to come and visit me in New Zealand!



And I am back, again. But this time writing in English instead of my mother language Swedish. If you don't know me, my name is Nea, a girl born and raised in Sweden. Sometime around age 14 I started traveling and since then, I haven't been able to stop. The last two years have been really fun and crazy for me, because of my travels. I have managed to do two longer backpacker trips and I am leaving again, this September. Of course I will tell you more about the travels I have done and more important, the travels I am looking forward too do. But now it's time for bed. Still struggling from some jet lag. Have a good night!