Salad bowl with Persimon.

Todays purchase

Wow, so many good things! Today I went to Grønnland, Oslo and bought a lot of greens and veggies. I got stunned by how cheap it was! I bought 5 avocados for 9KR! Which is crazy if you compare it to norwegian price. I decided to make a colorful salad bowl and it turned out pretty amazing as well!

What i used to make this sweet salad:

1 Avocado

Persimon fruit

Chia seeds

Sprouts (contains a lot of costfibre)

Satay saus (which by the way taste AMAZING- why haven't I bought that before?)



I have never used persimon in a salad before, but honestly- it was delicious. And oh- I ate three bowls of this. Thats the positive thing about eating plant based - you can eat A L O T. And you won't feel guilty either! Yey!

So as you may see- I really enjoy trying out plant based food. After a few days of eating vegan/plant based I feel amazing. It makes me want to continue and start trying new food. For snack I'm going to take those blueberries I bought today.