Day 21: Black is beautiful

The energy of the crowd yesterday rejuvenated my love for life. The support I felt, the love I felt, the acceptance I felt from my community. I am loved. My life mattered to these people.

The black lives matter protest held in Bryan/College station was one for the books. I never expected such a small community to gather such a large crowd. Small towns in Texas are known for having a large white community, who are generally not very welcoming of black people and POC. However, yesterday everyone of all backgrounds and ages showed up, whatever means possible. The elderly drove by on the street several times, to cheer and show support. The parents with younger children had kids in the backseats with windows rolled down with signs 'BLM', 'We see you', and 'We love you'. It was a wonderful reminder than my life did, in fact, matter to my community.

As I said in my entry last week, with the rising tensions my focus had shifted. I was no longer working out, eating well, sleeping good, etc. But I think yesterday ignited my soul again. I had a newfound love for life again. It's these moments I cherish. The moments I can definitively say, "This is why. This is the reason. This is the meaning of life".

Over the past couple of weeks that I have taken a break from my daily journal entries, I kept on taking pictures to upload when I was ready to get back. And I am ready. Although the movement is still strong, tensions are still high, and I keep on fighting for justice, I am no longer in a place of despair and sadness.

I think a big part of my new energy is due to the fact that people have been sharing a lot black influencers that generally do not get as much attention as their white counterparts. I was so excited to finally find some great people of color, who I could actually relate to.

So, in conclusion, life is worth living.

My brother graduated from high school on 6/5/2020, and while I couldn't be there to cheer on him, my family was there for him. So proud of him, and I know he'll continue to do amazing things in college. Whoop!

I finally tried the whipped coffee that's been trending, and wow it's actually as good as people have been saying. I have been using almond milk with a dash of oat-milk creamer, which adds to the flavor, making it so delicious.

Breakfast: This was from the other day. I have managed to eat fairly clean, though not as clean as I want to. But I am getting back on track with that this week, so that's good. I have also been ready (albeit fairly slowly) "Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine".

Lunch: This was lunch from the same day. I have been making these chickpea burger by mashing a can of chickpeas and added tumeric, salt and pepper, oregano, onion and garlic powder. When I say it's so freaking good, I am not exaggerating. I don't think I am ever buying those vegan bean burgers again, because this is so much better.