… well... hello!

I find myself back at this awkward introduction post that one always have to write when one starts something new online. On one hand you want the first post to be interesting enough to keep someone (who?) reading, but on the other hand, you know that the chances of anyone ever even finding this blog, yet along this first post, are pretty slim. The internet is full of blogs, tumblr posts and twitter feeds, so one more couldn’t hurt, right?

I’ve had several blogs before and I miss writing about my days and thoughts. While I still keep a journal with me at all times, I feel like actually putting my writing out there will keep me more engaged and hopefully, I will improve my English skills as well as my writing.

Like most teenagers, I’ve had on and off blogs throughout my younger teenage years. I used to write about what I did at school, what kind of classes I had during the day or what I ate for dinner. Not very interesting for anyone but me, if even that. I’ve also had countless of tumblr accounts trying to fit in in the book/fan/hipster type of blogs, and while I did make a lot of friends on there I never had to courage to write much myself.

Then, two years ago, I started a blog in connection with my move to the US and my work there as an au pair. I wrote about my everyday life in America and about the differences to my life back in Sweden. I wrote long posts about my travels to Hawaii, Vancouver and Las Vegas among others. I shared some of my thoughts about the job I was doing and about my experiences living so far away from home for 13 months. I told people about my blog, posted it on my social media so that friends and family from home could see what I was doing while living in Seattle, Washington. I’m so happy to still have those posts and pictures to look back and reflect on those memories.

I have a list in my head of things I want to do in my life. Small things like getting better at drawing and reading more books, to bigger ideas about where I see myself in 20 years. One thing on the list is to become a better writer so I figured I’d give blogging another try. So why not do it online?

I'll end my first post on this site with a picture of me infront of my beloved Seattle.