I'm not usually one for a daring outfit, it tends to not look as flattering on me, as something a little more simplistic but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to borrow these Forever New heels. But isn't that the beauty of fashion?

Creating an effortless look everyday that works for you with key pieces, like, a chambray shirt and a classic grey ribbed silhouetted skirt. All the while adding a modern style to this look with these edgy Forever New heels. Who knew it could be so easy to elevate a look by just switching out a pair of shoes?

I didn't until I had a fashion consultation with the wardrobe stylist Sarah Elizabeth Turner and this is the first time I have taken her advice into action while still keeping my style true to myself. I'm looking forward to making a few simple changes to my style to maximise my capsule wardrobe and still keeping it looking modern as the seasons change!







Photographed by Losharna Malone

Image and Wardrobe Stylist Sarah Elizabeth Turner

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First, we make the beast beautiful: a new story about anxiety by Sarah Wilson

An insightful, and oftentimes moving read about this particular person's experience and journey with anxiety and other related mental health issues. The first book of it's kind that has made me think a little differently about my own struggles with anxiety.

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K by Sarah Knight

I have to be completely honest that when I first saw this title in the bookstore I cringed a little but I'm so glad that I convinced myself to purchase a copy. One of most entertaining reads for someone with anxiety because it made me really think about the things that I prioritised to the things that I actually wanted to be doing with my time.

Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight

A follow up to her first novel The Life-Changing Magic, as someone with anxiety it's hard enough to try and determine what you actually want to give a f**k about but what happens when you actually try to put this in practice? This book enabled me to find a better, less detrimental way to allocate time and energy to the things that really matter!


Sarah Wilson // http://www.sarahwilson.com

Sarah Knight // http://sarahknightbooks.com



My experience during a free consultation with the talented image and wardrobe stylist Sarah Elizabeth Turner was life changing! Or should I say a wardrobe game changer? Indooroopilly Shopping Centre had been advertising free personal styling sessions during the month of August and on a whim I decided to drop in to the style suite during my recent shopping trip.

It's easy to see that Sarah Elizabeth Turner has a passion for enhancing people's already existing inner style and working with pieces you have already acquired to give you an updated and effortlessly chic look. Or at least that's what I experienced during my styling session. We talked all fashion jargon from silhouettes to the classic staple pieces that might have been missing from my wardrobe: apparently jumpsuits are a basic now, who knew?

I'm looking forward to incorporating her styling advice during my consultation into my already existing capsule wardrobe. It's worthy to note that though I already have some staples in my wardrobe Sarah gave me some great advice on how to optimise my options to create slightly more stylish and sophisticated looks: swapping out a pair of ballet flats for a classic pair of heels or adding a statement piece of jewellery for an understated yet fashionable look.


Sarah Elizabeth Turner // Fashion Stylist // Contact

Fashion Destination // Indooroopilly Shopping Centre