My top 3 favourite vegan breakfasts in under 5 minutes!

Hey guys!!

So breakfast is definitely my FAVOURITE meal of the day, and when on holiday I can spend a good few first hours of the day just stuffing my face! Unfortunately in every day life, my routine only allows me to have max 20 minutes in the morning for breakfast! So here are some of my favourite breakfast meals that are healthy, yummy and can give you loads of variety!

The first one is definitely my favourite of all, and that is a YOGHURT BOWL! You heard that right! I know smoothie bowls are 'in' right now, and while those are great - it can take a LONG time in the morning to make a smoothie. That is why I opt for a yoghurt bowl instead. My favourite yoghurt is the "Alpro ON Protein - Low in sugars". To top up my yoghurt I will always use chia seeds and nuts for their nutritional value and to keep me active throughout the day, but I will alternate my fruit based on whatever I have at home! My two personal favourites are kiwi and mango, but you can add any fruit you like!

The second, is a breakfast I opt for if it is a gym day! Oats are very good source of slow releasing carbohydrate and keep me full for a very long time during the day! Nonetheless on gym days I will make sure to burn the full bowl during my workout!

You may be surprised as to how I make a good bowl of oats in under 5 minutes - but it is rather simple. I always opt for ground oats, and before I go through my morning skincare routine I make sure to boil the kettle! Once I am finished I just top up my preferred amount of oats with a 1:2 hot water ratio and cover with a kitchen towel or another plate for 2 minutes. This cooks the oats right through! Add some vegan milk of your choice as well as fruit and of course chia seeds and your quick and healthy breakfast is done!

Not going to talk much about my third favourite breakfast as I am sure it is all over you instagram feed, and there is not much science to making these. But AVOCADO TOAST is yummy and occasionally I will just crave it - however to be completely honest I tend to stick to yoghurt bowls and oats for breakfast!

Anyway - remember that you are truly what you eat! So I hope for everyone to enjoy healthy and yummy breakfasts - without cruelty! :)


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