Mothers Day: The perfect mother-daughter trip destination

Hey guys!

Funny story - because I am originally Russian, was brought up in Denmark but now live in the UK - there are 3 separate 'mothers day' days which I celebrate with my mother! I never understood why they are different for every country, but our mothers are incredible and they deserve every day to be mothers day!

With our busy schedules these days, and with us living miles apart - I rarely get to see my mom nowadays. Last summer we went on an incredible trip to Italy which was the perfect mother-daughter destination (and we are contemplating it again this year!). Today is the perfect day to inspire others to consider this little gem of a place, so here it goes!

Fun activities to enjoy in Ischia (Sant'Angelo):

Explore the incredible beaches

Fun fact: many ceramics are made in Ischia, which is why on the floor of this beautiful Tyrrhenian sea you will be able to find little broken off pieces of ceramic mosaic creations. If you collect enough, you could make a table or decorate your bathroom (no joke some woman was there everyday collecting enough pieces for a WHOLE bathroom renovation! That is definitely one way to be unique with your interior design!)

Mud baths and authentic Italian spa day's

Visiting Cavascura and Giardini Poseidon Terme is a MUST! It is such a cute mother-daughter activity, and it is always nice to have a girls pamper day anyway! Make sure to spend a whole day at Poseidon and grab lunch as well!

Explore the endless amount of authentic Italian restaurants

Da Pasquale Pizzeria was by far our favourite! The chef made us vegan heart shaped Italian pizzas! (Make sure to book the window seat or arrive early to que!)

In addition to those 3 things you can also explore the little Italian boutiques and find a matching outfit, purses or jewellery - as there are lots of them! Occasionally on the weekend there is also live music at the downtown square which is nice to enjoy to some (vegan obviously) gelato!

Wish every mother the happiest of mothers days today! - Don't forget to treat them to something special, even if it is not official mothers day in your country today!


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I totally agree with Mothers Day. We should treasure our mothers every day, honestly.
DEFINITELY! Dont know what I would do without my mother! I have my whole life to thank her for 😊