You drink more than you used to
Fell in love how could you?
Trust your heart like only fools do
Go on let it bleed.
You smoked 10 now it’s 20
Bet you wish you’d never met me
To stick around you must be crazy
Go on let it bleed

I told you never to get used to me
I stay awake when you fall asleep
I’m a whole lot of trouble
We’re in a whole lot of trouble
I told you you should never follow me
But here we are, and you’re in too deep
I’m a whole lot of trouble
We’re in a whole lot of trouble

You shout louder than you used to
And you hold on tighter in the bedroom
Stick around like I’mma change soon
Go on let it bleed
As you stand there trying to save me
Use your head and baby leave me
Gonna take much more than a heart to save me
Go on let it bleed

But is it lying if you know that they don’t want the truth?
Is it cheating if you work it while she in the room
Now you mad at the screen
We were something together
I wouldn’t call it a team, just big trouble and little kindness
When I know the best part’s are so behind us
Keep the pride tough, more than bad luck
I ain’t messed up, I’m just wishing what we needed was a less us
I fell in love with the wrong dream
Crying in my arms what’s it all mean?
I used to know those things and flow both wings
Thoughts where neverending and no Nuvaring’s
And we fought for a patent pending on my new jack swing
Cool, calm and collected keep the Kool Moe Dee
Here is hoping you satisfy that like an addict
I had thought we’d never had to do those things