I’ve been wanting to write about Noah Kahan for a while now, but somehow I haven’t. But now that I was going to put on my Spotify playlist I noticed one image had changed in the “cover”. It was the cover of his song ‘Hurt Somebody’. So naturally I went to his page and saw that he’d released a new ep. And just like that, I was reminded about him. So here I am, giving him some love.

‘Hurt Somebody’ is a song that makes me wish I could sing. It’s just a beautiful song and it was the one that brought my attention to him. Apparently I’m not a fangirl, as I didn’t know about this release until now. Just kidding. I love him and his musics indie vibe. He’s not something I’d usually listen to, but he’s and exception.

I don’t think I can praise Noah enough. I know I’m talking an awful lot about ‘Hurt Somebody’ but it’s such a good song that I can’t shut up about it. It had me sold within the first five seconds. Those guitar tabs are so simple, yet interesting. I really recommend you take a second and listen to him. Like, really listen. (I hate to write this) ‘Hurt Somebody’ sounds very fun and stuff, but it’s really quite sad if you think of the lyrics.

But anyway, you have my word that he’ll have you head over heels within seconds of listen to his songs. He’s a great singer so that’s what they do, right?

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I can’t not talk about Camila Cabello now right? She huge! And with her album out I’m sure she’ll only get even bigger, if that possible.

Can I just start off by saying how gorgeous she is? Like damn! And the album cover looks stunning as well. But your not here because of that, are you?

I had a quick listen to the album last night and the song I fell for the most was this one. All these years, quite an intriguing name right? I fell when the first tones hit my headphones and I absolutely love this song. I am a sucker for a good ballad, as you know. But this one stands out from the rest of my favorite ballads. Camilas voice is something totally different to what I usually listen to. Heck, I don’t think I’ve ever really heard a voice like hers. Her voice is definitely her biggest weapon.

And that emotion! You can hear the need in her voice during the chorus. If I was ever asked to define talent, that’s what I would show.



Oh my my my! Yes... You did actually read that right. I made a terrible pun, once again. But honestly, ‘oh my!’ was my reaction when Troye Sivan announced this single. I’ve been waiting, quite impatiently to be honest, for new music from him. And now we’ve all been blessed with a new single and music video.

A little tip when we’re on the topic of the music video. I first heard the song while watching the music video, and I do have to say that it really shows the vibe of the song and makes it so much better. If you don’t watch the music video then you’re definitely missing out of a big part of the song.

I guess I would explain the song as an experience more than music. Much like with the Swedish singer Oskar Linnros would I describe ‘My My My’ as a bit of organized chaos. I think there’s definitely not that chaos feeling about the song itself, but with the visual and stuff you get to see and understand the chaos that this song really is. And I don’t mean chaos as a bad thing by the way. Chaos isn’t always bad y’know...



Who doesn’t love a good a cappella? I might’ve died a little when Charlie Puth put out this song with Boyz ll Men. The song doesn’t have the most most groundbreaking lyrics and isn’t the best a cappella, but it has that little something that makes it so good. I’d say it’s the R&B vibe that makes it stick out a bit from normal a cappellas. It is a song that you’ll expect on the charts, which you might not do with any “normal” a cappellas.

A great addition to the song is of course Boyz ll Men with makes the song SO much better. I think their voices together with Charlies really give that song some extra points for me. The vocals on this song are a match made in heaven.

“If You Leave Me Now” is Charlies third single from the upcoming album “VoiceNotes”. You’ve definitely heard “How Long” or at least seen the video since it’s become such a hit. His first single from the album, “Attention” did just as well and was a radio favorite for a WHILE. But it isn’t a big surprise to me that his songs are doing so well. Charlie is an incredibly talented producer, writer, singer and musician and has loads of experience on how to make really good music. I’ve been a fan of him since the beginning and I’m really hoping that his success will last for a while, cause this guy really has that something about him.



Oh well, where did all the time go? I feel like 2017 flew by pretty quickly. I mean, it’s already time for me to sum up the year of music. I did something similar to this last year, but it was super shitty and I really don’t recommend you read it. Oh and also, I’ve had this blog for over a year now! I can’t say I’ve been the most regular blogger, but I’ve at least tried my best. Anyways, back to the music.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do for my sum up. I could either talk about the biggest releases and stuff from the year, or I could spend some time writing about my favorites of the year. In the end I’ve chosen to go with my favorite of them, which is talking about my faves. But I’ve actually put down some time on this and made a top ten list of favorite artists of the year and also my favorite song by them. It’s all new music that has come out of 2017 but some singers have been around for a while. I hope you’ll enjoy the songs a much as I have this year. Oh and by the way, Happy New Year! Let’s hope we’ll get a lot of great music out the upcoming year as well.


So my tenth pick is this little song. My first ever post was about Dodie and her song “Sick Of Loosing Soulmates” so there should be no surprise that she’s made it to my top ten of the year. This melody came out in August on an ep called You. I also recommend listening to “In The Middle” which is another favorite of mine.


LANY is a band that I’ve been listening to for a long time now. I got introduce to them by Connor Franta a while ago and I’ve been listening to them on and off since. I wrote about their cover of “Sign Of The Times” and focused on their ability to make their covers so them if you know what I mean. And here they are again on blog as I’m still a big fan of them.


Khalid was one of many new artists that I discovered in 2017. Most of them weren’t long lasting faves, but Khalid was one who stayed. Whenever I want to listen to something while doing homework or something I turn on his album American Teen and just chill.


This is a song that’s stuck in my head. I’m constantly singing it or writing down lyrics from it. I become pretty much addicted to Léons voice in the last year and she’s gotten herself a special place in my heart. It’s crazy how little I actually talk about her! She’s Swedish (which I didn’t know until like a month ago) so I want to give her some extra credit.


We all have those really, really sad songs on our playlist that we mostly skip, right? The ones that we only really listen to when we’re being all dramatic and sad. This is one of those songs for me. I love Wrabel and his music and I listened a lot to his other song “We Could Be Beautiful” which is a bit happier. But my favorite has to be “Bloodstain”, the saddest effing song ever!


WOAH, WE’RE HALFWAY THERE! Okay, that’s lame, I know...

Anyways, you’ve made it halfway and I have a real treat for you. Lauv is easily one of my new faves of the year. All of this love songs are so romantic and cute and I can’t help but to smile whenever I hear him on the radio. Not only because his songs are amazing but also because what an effing journey he’s done this year. I Like Me Better was a real breakthrough hit for him and even though he was famous from before, I would consider 2017 a big year for him and his career.


I can’t write a top ten list of songs and leave Ed Sheeran out. When he announced he was release new music almost a year ago the internet went NUTS. Suddenly EVERYONE was a fan of Sheeran and as you probably know, his album was a big hit. My favorite song from the album is undoubtedly “What Do I Know”. I’m not sure what makes it my favorite, but I love it and here it is on the fourth place on my top ten.


This one is a bit of a cheat. Blow Your Mind (Mwah) was first released in 2016 but Dua Lipas album came out in 2017 so I’ll call it semi new music. I know I could’ve chosen another favorite like “New Rules” but I’d rather give you a reminder about and old gem instead.

But can we talk about Duas voice tho?? It’s the best thing I’ve ever heard! I think it’s worth listening to her songs only for that.


Have you noticed my small obsession with Sam Smith yet? When we’re on the topic on voices, here you have an effing amazing voice. I’ve been a fan of Sam for a bit now and I was very happy to see him back on the charts. I’m in a car right now and I’ve heard Too Good At Goodbye at least ten times in the last hour. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in 2017 it’s that radio stations and charts finally have some good music. I’m not sure if I’m become a bigger fan of mainstream music or if people are starting to like my taste in music.


You’ve made it! This is my absolute favorite song and artist of the year. When Lordes album dropped I hadn’t listen to her I a while. But when I first heard “Green Light” I knew I had a great 45 minuets in front of me. The song that I immediately fell in love with was “The Louvre”. A nice little love song, typical me to like. But there’s something with this song for me. No, no memories with it or anything. I just love the lyrics, the melody and y’know, everything about it...



Now that Christmas is coming upon us I’d like to share this little song. I was browsing my Spotify the other day for new music and I found out that Sam Smith released a Christmas ep. It is Spotify singles but with a Christmas theme, so let’s just call it a Christmas ep. Now I know he released this song last year around Christmas but as it was on the single and I got reminded of it I thought I might remind you as well.

Along with “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” he also released another cover of River (originally by Joni Mitchell). Both songs are really Christmassy and you know, have that really cozy feeling. I don’t know what you expect from a Christmas song more than that. I mean christmas music is good and all, but it all kinda sounds the same doesn’t it?

You are probably tired of hearing my gush about Sam by now. It just looked through my old posts and I realized I’ve talked about him WAY too much on here. But what can I say, I’m really effing obsessed. And if you aren’t by now I’m really sorry, but you’ll have to hear about him once again now...

Along with “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” he also released another cover of River (originally by Joni Mitchell). Both songs are really Christmassy and you know, have that really cozy feeling. I don’t know what you expect from a Christmas song more than that. I mean christmas music is good and all, but it all kinda sounds the same doesn’t it?



I just want to take a moment and gush a little bit about this fantastic singer. Funny enough, I actually found him from a buzzfeed video (pretty embarrassing right?). I can’t remember what the video was about, all I know is that I fell in love with his song "Wait" when I first heard it.

If you’ve heard him before you sure remember his voice. When I first heard him sing it was like hearing music for the first time. Okay, that might be a bit of an overreaction, but I’m trying here. His voice is so soothing and special. I’ve never really heard anything like that. So if you like some effing amazing vocals then this is for you...

If vocals isn’t a thing that hypes you then I would definitely recommend listening to "Freak like me". There’s nothing wrong with the vocals on it but the production is definitely in the "spotlight" on this track. In the end, Nombe is more of a producer and his music is first and foremost focused on the production. The singing is just an extra.

"So, where’s the album?" You might ask. And it’s on the way and planned to come out in January 2018, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait (hehe) for to long. He'll release new single every month until the album drops. A bit weird, one might think. But if you think about it it’s quite genius. He’s getting people hyped up about it a whole year before it’s release. He’s smart, right?



First of all, I know this is like super effing late, but imma post it anyway. I wanted to write about Sams album like a week ago when it came out but I kinda forgot and went and got sick... But here I am writing about it a little late. Have anyone listen to it? If you haven't just know I'm very disappointed. I would really recommend you start with listening "Say it first", "HIM" and "Scars" kinda get the vibe of it. I feel like the ballads all have some kind of Bond-vibe to them. Like, they all feel very dramatic and there's a lot strings and choir. But the whole album has a lot of that, but you can imagine a Bond song right? They have that kind of feeling to them. And I recommend "Say it first" a lot because it's one of my favourites. I just feel like it's a really cute and happy love song for once. Well yeah, it might not sound super positive (etc "You keep me guessing with things that you do, I hope that they're true") but I still would call it a happy love song cause he's singing about love not heartbreak. So it's definitely a bit more uplifting, I you know what I mean.

I was pleasantly surprised with different songs on the album. Even tho I would call it a "love-album" I feel like he's expressing different types of love. There's a song about his parents, many about heartbreak and countless about boys. Sam has said the album is very personal and I think that something that you really hear. He sings the songs with passion and I think it's kinda beautiful that a personal for him is so centred around love. I don't want to get deep here, but doesn't that say something?

Just a little "disclaimer". I've skipped the singles that were released earlier a lot while listening to the album so this post is more about the other songs. Oh, and I've also been listening to it through Spotify, which means I've streamed the special edition. So some of my opinions and stuff might not make sense and I've might missed some really good points and shit, but that's why. Please don't get mad...



I am freaking OUT! It's less than five days until Sam Smiths second album comes out!! Imma be honest and say that I've been waiting for a come back for quite long now. I became a huge fan of him when he released the "Drowning shadows" edition of his debut album In the lonely hours, which was like a year(?) after Stay with me came out. So I didn't really get into him when he was in the spotlight. But anywho, I got into him and I really like the DS edition and that's why I'm here today, waiting (not so) patiently for his second album to drop.

(It was actually almost two years later which is CRAZY!)

And I have to be honest and say I was definitely not expecting another "heartbreak" album. I thought he would try and show that he can do more stuff, but I'm not complaining. Even though that was what I was secretly hoping for I realise it would have been hard for him to get a hit about something other than heartbreak. Love is relatable and it's what he became famous for. And I'm sure he'll have a lot of other stuff than just heartbreak songs on the album (like Pray).

Is anyone else excited for this? I feel like a lot of people I know has actually liked what he's put out recently so I'm guessing it's a bit universal. It's classic pop music with a twist, if you may.

(Yes, I am aware that I've already posted about Sam and said pretty much the same things but this is what you get. I'm really excite de for this, okay?!!)



I've written about Who is fancy before and I think this song but like everything else recently I'm bringing him back.

It's really a shame he hasn't released anything new since like a year ago. I honestly have no idea why he's disappeared but it really bums me.

But anyway, let's talk about this song. Such a heartbreaker. I haven't listened to it in like a year so I got a major throwback from it. As I said, I feel like I've written about this song here before but if that's the case it's at least been a hot minute. I really love this song, it's as simple as that. If you didn't listen to it the first time I'd recommend you doing it now. If you don't get obsessed with it there's something seriously wrong with you!