Interrailing Travel #1 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Ok, is it too late now to say sorry? (we all love a good Justin Bieber reference!) I know I've been terrible at uploading and I know that in my last 12583 post I always apologies that I am soo terrible at uploading but I'm back and ready to update and share all the amazing photos and memories I had when interrailing!


The Netherlands 


Sooooooo, our first destination for our interrailing adventure begins in the Netherlands. We managed to stay with a lovely family at our Air BNB in Utrecht and took a 30 min train ride to Amsterdam. I think I much preferred it this way as we got to see two sides of the Netherlands. Although I love Amsterdam, I do believe that with the high popularity of tourist visiting the city, it loses a little of its beautiful culture (while Utrecht has managed to keep hold of its Dutchness (is that even a word?? ))

While in Utrecht we decided to eat these A-M-A-Z-ING pancakes that my friend recommended me to try and I now recommend you all to try! The little cafe was located within the centre by the river, so as you eat those amazing pancakes, you can enjoy the boats passing by and people struggling to paddle the boat to safety (as we did when we took our little boat ride)

From what a dutch person told me, the Netherlands are known for their pancakes and so I ended up getting the apple and raisins pancakes with cinnamon ice cream and it was indeed OUT - OF - THIS - WORLD.

 ^^ The  when we saw windmill! ^^

^^ the boat ride where we nearly crashed 3 times ^^

The highlight of coming to Amsterdam was by far seeing my old erasmus amigo Youssef! <3

The classic picture of a river and a bike



While we were exploring the streets of Amsterdam we ended up visiting Banksy's museum and its something I definitely recommend people to see! The museum was far from any normal 'artwork' museum you would visit. It spoke BANKSY, you knew you were in his home.


Alongside another boat ride around Amsterdam we ended up eating their famous chips with their wacky sauces, another BIG recommendation cos it was !

Our next adventure/post follows us to Cologne, Germany.

Don't miss it!




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